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Kitchen Invasion



Who says kids don’t belong in the kitchen? In this four-part cooking class, award-winning teen chef Amber Kelley empowers kids to take charge in the kitchen and — with a little help from their parents — cook fresh, tasty meals. From shopping for ingredients to prepping, cooking and plating, Amber eq...Read more

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Lessons (4)

Ten Tips for Chef Success
1. Ten Tips for Chef Success
Amber kicks off her kitchen invasion by an engaging run-down of the essentials. She'll cover how to get properly prepped, and how to stay safe, wheth...Read more
Taco Tuesday
2. Taco Tuesday
It's a fiesta in the Kelley kitchen when Amber takes over to make tacos. Today, she's teaching fish tacos with an avocado-spiked pico de gallo and a c...Read more
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
3. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
They say an excellent chicken dish is the mark of a true chef, and Amber's crispy chicken thighs with zesty chimichurri don't disappoint! Served with ...Read more
It's Dinner on a Stick!
4. It's Dinner on a Stick!
To help kids get hands-on in the kitchen, Amber's created a fun and fork-free menu for her final meal. She'll start with smoky steak kabobs, then crea...Read more

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