Revealing: The Art of Identity



Many artists use their work to express and question ideas about the self. In this Bluprint Original miniseries, we investigate identity through the lens of four individuals, taking a glimpse into their process as they embark on one of the most personal artistic exercises — the self-portrait.

Lessons (4)

Judith Cassel-Mamet
1. Judith Cassel-Mamet
Denver-based artist Judith Cassel-Mamet creates a self-portrait on her birthday every year, which celebrates both her past and future stories.
Tony Ortega
2. Tony Ortega
A mixed media artist known for his colorful scenes, Tony Ortega challenges himself to explore the individual (himself) rather than the cultural collec...Read more
Anne Harris
3. Anne Harris
Does a self-portrait reveal anything about the artist? Painter Anne Harris investigates the complexities of perception and self-perception through her...Read more
Kateri Ewing
4. Kateri Ewing
How does beauty evolve over time? Watercolorist Kateri Ewing shares her story of self-discovery, taking a unique approach to depicting herself.