Re-Imagine an Old T-Shirt With a Diagonal Color Block

It happens: Sometimes your favorite T-shirt gets a hole near the hem. But that doesn't mean you have to throw it away! This project takes care of that pesky tear while giving your garment a fresh new look.

Diagonal Color Block T-Shirt

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Cut Your Shirt in Half

Lay the T-shirt in front of you so it rests flat. Place a ruler diagonally across the shirt, starting about 3" below one sleeve at a 45-degree angle. Mark along the ruler with a fabric pen, then use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut along the line.

2. Shape the New Piece

Use the bottom piece of the T-shirt you just cut as a guide to create the color block: lay it over a piece of your new fabric, then cut along the sides and diagonal edge, leaving a ½” seam allowance.

For the bottom, you can make the hem match the original T-shirt or measure evenly down from the diagonal edge to create a high-low effect.

3. Stitch It Together

Seam both sides of the new fabric, then line it up across the cut edge of your T-shirt, right sides together. Pin in place.

Stitch together, leaving one side open to stitch last. Stitch the remaining opening while blending the contrast portion side seam into the original T-shirt seam.

Boom—hello, new T-shirt!

Photos by Beth Galvin

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