How to Make Beaded Fairy Earrings or Pendants

Looking for some adorable jewelry to create this Christmas? This is a cute and quick tutorial to make "fairy" earrings or pendants. Dress them up in holiday colors, or in your favorite colors to wear all year round!

They make great earrings, pendants and last minute gifts. They're even cute as a guardian fairy (angel) charm hanging from the rear view car mirror, backpack or purse.

Step 1:

Gather you fairy body parts. Most, if not all, of the components I've used are easily found at your local bead or craft shop. You might even have more than you realize hiding in your own bead stash. Please don't stress if your parts are not exactly what I have. Your fairy will be unique!

Materials to one fairy:

  • Two leaf, heart or teardrop shaped beads (feet)
  • Two 2” head-pins 24ga (ankles)
  • Two 2” eye-pins 24-gauge, and 1 3”eye-pin 22 or 20-gauge (legs and body)
  • Two 30mm long bugle beads (leggins)
  • One “leafy” bead cap (skirt) aka Natural Brass Flourish Petal Bead Cap by Vintaj
  • Two 6mm crystal rondelles (waist and crown)
  • One wing charm (by Terra Cast)
  • One each 4, 6, and 10 or 12mm round beads or crystal. (neck, tummy and head)
  • One 6mm Margarita crystal (top of the crown)
  • One pair ear wires for earrings, or large jump ring for pendant or charm

Tools needed:

  • Flush cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers

Step 2:

Your fairy's feet can be created with beads drilled top to bottom or top-drilled side to side. For now, we'll be working with beads drilled top to bottom. First thread a bead onto a 2” headpin. With your round nose pliers in your dominant hand, grasp the headpin just above the bead.

Step 3:

Bend the wire toward you to about a 90-degree angle. This shows what this looks like from the side — notice the position of the pliers on the wire.

Step 4:

Without actually taking the pliers off the headpin, reposition the pliers so the top jaw of the pliers is on top of the wire as shown. The bottom jaw of the pliers stays in the same place.

Step 5:

Push the wire back and around the top jaw of the pliers until the wire is almost straight down against the bead.

Step 6:

Without letting go of your work, switch the pliers to your non-dominant hand as shown.

Step 7:

Bring the free end of the wire around the jaw of the pliers until it is perpendicular to the short section the bead is on. The key to neat wraps is having the free end of the wire perpendicular before wrapping toward the bead.

Step 8:

Wrap the free end of the wire neatly until it reaches the bead.

Step 9:

Neatly trim the wire next to the bead, and create another foot.

Step 10:

Thread your bugle beads onto 2” eye-pins for the legs, and then attach a foot to each leg.

Step 11:

Trim the wire above the bugle beads to about 10mm.

Step 12:

Use round nose pliers to turn a small loop in the wires just above the bugle beads. Don't create the loops too close to the bugle beads or you will break them.

Step 13:

Attach the legs to the 3” eye-pin. Open the eye-pin similar to opening a jump ring — by turning the cut end of the loop to the side, and then back to close it.

Step 14:

Now it's just a matter of threading the rest of your beads on the eye-pin in the right order. Start with the bead cap (skirt). Then thread on a rondelle (waist), a 6mm round bead (tummy), the wings, a 4mm round bead (neck), a 10 or 12mm round bead (head), another 6mm rondelle for the crown or halo and a 6mm Margarita crystal.

Step 15:

Repeat Steps 2 through 9, to create the wrapped loop at the top of the fairy.

Step 16:

Attaching a large jump ring to the loop you just finished, turns your fairy into a great pendant. Or you could make a second fairy, and attach ear wires for earrings.

You can find the extended version of this tutorial for free - Guardian Faeries or Angels by Bobbi Maw

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December 13, 2014
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How to Make Beaded Fairy Earrings or Pendants