An Easy but Elegant Buttercream Ruffle Cake

There's nothing quite like a gorgeous buttercream ruffle cake as the centerpiece to a stylish party. Perfect for bridal showers, as a sweet wedding tier or for an afternoon tea, these tasty ruffles are bound to impress. Check out our buttercream ruffle cake tutorial below to get started!

Buttercream ruffle cake tutorial


Step 1:

Make sure that your cake is already on its final surface. If you need it to sit on a specific board, get your cake situated now. Then place your cake and board on your turntable. 

Step 2:

Fill your disposable piping bag with buttercream. Make sure your bag is fitted with the straight petal piping tip — curved tips won't work for this. We created a pretty bubblegum pink buttercream using CK Gel Color in Cherry Pink .

Tip: Piping buttercream ruffles is going to be a lot less painful if your buttercream is silky. Stiff or grainy buttercream isn't very nice anyway and will hinder any pretty ruffles from forming.

Step 3:

To help you pipe your ruffles evenly on the cake, mark a vertical line to guide where each line of ruffles will site. We spaced ours about 1½" apart.

Mark your first line anywhere on the cake. Then hold a ruler vertically beside the line to measure where the next line should be. Lightly press the side of an icing scraper into the buttercream. Repeat this around your cake, creating nice even lines for you to follow.

Step 4:

Let's get piping! Make sure that the larger or fatter end of your straight petal piping tip touches the cake lightly as you pipe. The thinner end creates the outer edge of the ruffles. 

Begin at the bottom of your cake. Following the lines you created, pipe back and forth in a sort of zig-zag motion. Work your way upward the cake.


This will create nicely textured ruffles. Pipe faster and lighter for a more subtle, linear effect. You can create a more ruffled look by wiggling the bag slightly as you pipe, while piping slower and with more pressure.

Because you want to get this right the first time, do a few test pipes on a clean surface.

Repeat until you've covered the side of your cake!

Note: The ruffles in the two images above were made using different speeds and pressure. The top image with more linear ruffles is piped out quickly with an even pressure and no wiggle. The more textured ruffles in the following picture are piped out slower with more pressure and with a slight wiggle while piping.

Step 5:

Finally, finish the top of the cake with a pretty ruffled rosette by piping around the outer edge. Sit the fatter end of your tip against the cake and angle your tip so the thinner end sits out at a 45-degree angle.

Use the same speed and pressure you used to pipe the ruffles up the side of your cake. Turn your turntable and pipe continuously around and around, moving in towards the center of the cake.

Now you have one seriously chic ruffle cake.

Buttercream ruffles also work great for fashion-inspired designs. Why not space out your ruffle panels and gently add golden sprinkles and sugar pearls in between each for an embellished look?

How will you be ruffling your next buttercream cake?

January 28, 2018
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An Easy but Elegant Buttercream Ruffle Cake