Pair This Cute Christmas Mug Rug With Your PSL for an Extra Festive Morning

We may be a bit biased, but that homemade pumpkin spice latte seems to taste so much better — and is way more photogenic — when it's resting on top of a festive mug rug. This stacked presents pattern is perfect for Christmas , but you could easily swap out the red and green fabric for colors better suited to Hanukkah, a birthday, or any other occasion worth celebrating. Talk about versatility!

Pro Tip

This mug rug is designed as a pile of presents, and the rickrack ribbons are the perfect place to tuck a gift card or small present. You could even tuck a surprise in each gift box to make someone's holiday extra special.

Holiday Gift Mug Rug

Level: Easy

What You Need

Cutting Instructions

  • 2½" x 3" rectangle for the top gift box
  • 3" x 3½" rectangle for the middle gift box
  • 3½" x 4½" rectangle for the bottom gift box
  • 3" x 7½" strip from the background fabric
  • Two 2½" x 2¾" rectangles from the background fabric
  • Two 3" x 2½" rectangles from the background fabric
  • Two 2" x 3½" rectangles from the background fabric
  • 2" x 36" strip for binding
  • 8" x 10" rectangle for backing
  • 2½'', 3" and 3½" ribbon or rickrack pieces for gift boxes
  • 10" ribbon or rickrack piece for the bow


1. Sew the Rows

Lay the cut pieces out so the gift boxes are stacked on top of each other and sandwiched by background fabric, as shown above. Sew each row together and press the seams toward the darker fabric

2. Pin the Rickrack

Pin the ribbon or rickrack in place where you want them on your gift boxes. Then, fold the 10" rickrack in half and pin the center to the top piece of fabric. Fold each end down and pin into place to form the 3D loops for the bow.

Pro Tip

If you place the rickrack on the presents so they're offset, like shown above, this will cut down on bulk. But if you're using a thin silk or satin ribbon, bulk won't be an issue and you can pin a continuous line across the pieces.

3. Sew It All Together

Sew all the fabric rows together to secure the rickrack. For the bow, sew the ends to the long edge of the top gift.

4. Finish

Layer the mug rug top on top of your batting and backing to make a quilt sandwich . Quilt the piece as you like. Trim the edges evenly and attach the binding .

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Lindsay Conner
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December 03, 2019
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Pair This Cute Christmas Mug Rug With Your PSL for an Extra Festive Morning