This Scrappy Christmas Tree Block Comes Together SO Fast!


This scrappy block is a strippy little evergreen tree that’s made up of 1½" wide strips and will finish at 8" square.

This adorable block comes together in a snap, so it’s perfect for holiday elves with a busy schedule who are looking for a fun project to celebrate the season! 

As always, all seams are sewn using a ¼" seam allowance unless otherwise noted. This block requires six green fabrics and one background.

Let’s get started! 

Christmas tree quilt block tutorial

(Want to save this tutorial? Click here to download the PDF version of this tree quilt block tutorial for FREE!)

Step 1:

Cutting for this block is simple:

  • Four green strips will be cut 1½" x 5½"
  • Two green strips will be cut 1½" x 4½"

The background fabric will need to be cut into the following:

  • Two strips 1½" x 8½"
  • Two strips 1½" x 6½"
  • Two rectangles 2½" x 3½"
  • Four squares 2½" x 2½"

Step 2: 

Sew the green strips together lengthwise into pairs and press the seams to one direction.

Step 3:

Place a background square on each end of the two 6½" strip units. Mark the square with a diagonal line from corner to corner as shown. Sew on the diagonal line that is marked.

Step 4:

Using a ruler and rotary cutter, or scissors, cut away the corners ¼" away from the sewn line. Press the corners away from the green strips.

Step 5:

Layer one background rectangle on top of the short green strip unit as shown and mark diagonally from corner to corner. Sew on the drawn line and then trim ¼" away from sewn line and press away from the green strips. Repeat with the other side in the same manner to create the top tree unit.

Step 6:

Arrange the three tree units as shown and sew them together. Press the seams toward the bottom unit. This tree unit will now be 6½" square.

Step 7:

Sew the 1½" x 6½" background strips to both sides of the tree unit. Press toward the background strips. Then sew the 1½" x 8½" background strips to the top and bottom of the unit. Press the seams toward the background strips.

This little tree block will now be 8½" square.

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This Scrappy Christmas Tree Block Comes Together SO Fast!