Craft Up The Sweetest Dragon Cupcake!

How To Train Your Dragon is back in theaters on February 21st, with a third movie and a very special new character! Meet Light Fury, whose white skin helps her blend into the clouds and also happens to make her a very pretty cupcake topper. Craft her out of fondant and your kids will be soooo impressed.

Light Fury Cupcake Topper

Level: Intermediate

What You Need

  • White fondant
  • Black colored fondant ( learn to color fondant here! )
  • Edible pearlescent shimmer dust
  • Large, fluffy food safe brush
  • Small, fluffy food safe brush
  • Light pink edible blossom dust
  • Cocktail stick (or uncooked spaghetti)
  • Small food safe paint brush
  • Veining tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Edible glue
  • Small heart cutter
  • Small to medium heart shaped cutter


1. Make Her Body

Roll fondant into a large rounded teardrop shape, as shown. Let set for a few minutes before pushing a cocktail stick or piece of uncooked spaghetti through the middle from the top. (This is going to hold and support the head.)

2. Mold Her Head

Shape a ball of white fondant into a fat, rounded tapered shape using your hands. Indent a set of nostrils using the smaller end of your veining tool.

Attach the head to the body by pushing it onto the exposed part of the cocktail stick.

To make her horns, roll out white fondant into four tiny rounded teardrop shapes (you’ll need two large ones and two smaller). Indent spaces with your ball tool, then attach them to the top of Light Fury’s head with edible glue.

3. Add a Tail

Roll out a tapered ‘rope’ of white fondant and curl it slightly.

Cut a small heart shape out of more white fondant, then cut that in half to make the tail’s fins.

Add some texture with a veining tool.

Attach the fins to either side of the tail with edible glue.

4. Give Her Wings

Cut the wings out of white fondant using a large heart cutter, then cut that into two halves.

Trim the top of each half to make a wing shape.

Attach the wings to Light Fury as shown with edible glue.

5. Doll Her Up!

Brush Light Fury all over with white pearlescent luster dust to give her a magical shimmer. Then, use pink blossom dust to add rosy cheeks and add a small rope of black fondant for eyelashes.

Serve this pretty dragon on top of your fave cupcake!

February 08, 2019
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Sheryl Bito
Sheryl Bito
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Craft Up The Sweetest Dragon Cupcake!