Give Guests a Real Greeting With Double-Sided Appliqué Coasters

These coasters are the perfect way to greet your party guests ... and gently nudge them out at the end of the night. Two sides, two messages, one stellar quick-stitch craft!

Double-Sided Appliqué Coasters

Level: Easy
Makes: 2 coasters

Our mother-daughter crafting queens use quilting techniques to make cool (and surprisingly articulate) coasters.
Quilted Coasters
Quilted Coasters
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What You Need


1. Prep Your Materials

Cut four 4½” squares of wool for the front and back of the coasters. Cut two 4” squares of batting (if using).

Trace 2 sets of “HI” and “BYE” letters onto separate scraps of wool. (These should be different from the wool you’re using for the front and back of the coasters.) Apply double-stick fusible interfacing to the wool. Cut letters out.

2. Add the Appliqué Letters

Apply the appliqué letters to the front and back coaster squares, so “HI” is on one side and “BYE” on another. You should have two front squares and two back squares.

3. Pin and Stitch

If using batting, insert one 4” square of batting between one front square and one back square. Make sure the appliqué letters on each square are facing out. Pin to secure.

Use a blanket stitch along all four edges to finish the coaster.

4. Make a Second Coaster

Repeat step 3 to create a second coaster, so you have a complete set!

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If there's one party rule we follow, it's to never underestimate the power of handcrafted coasters. They're perfect for using scraps, they stitch up in a flash and the customization opportunities are endless — making 'em conversation starters for your next get-together. And if hosting isn't your thing, DIY coasters just so happen to be a functional and fun quick-stitch gift any host or hostess would love.

January 15, 2020
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Give Guests a Real Greeting With Double-Sided Appliqué Coasters