This Embroidery-Inspired Cake Is Covered in Gorgeous (Buttercream!) Greenery

Talk about leafing us breathless: With a modern design and cool piping, this embroidery-inspired cake is the most delicious craft mash-up yet. (Though we're also big fans of these lace cookies. ) Plus, it's a technique that's totally easy to master. Winning!

Embroidery Cake With Greenery

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Create Your Design

You’ll want to start by planning out your composition, so either print out photos of tropical leaves you like, or draw your own onto paper and cut them out. Then, use a scriber tool to trace them directly onto your buttercream, being sure to vary the size and placement.

2. Pipe the Outlines

Using varying shades of green buttercream and a piping bag fitted with the number 3 tip, outline each of the leaves.

3. Fill ‘Em In

Fill in the leaves using up-and-down and zig-zag motions with your piping bag to mimic stitching. Finish each one by piping a line down the center for the stem.

Fill in your cake with smaller, free-handed leaves between the large ones that you sketched out, if needed.

Let your cake set, then serve and enjoy!

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Felicity and Krystle

August 20, 2019
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This Embroidery-Inspired Cake Is Covered in Gorgeous (Buttercream!) Greenery