This Custom Hand Embroidered Pendant Is Just What Your Jewelry Collection Needs

While everyone loves a good embroidery design they can hang on the wall or turn into a pillow, there's something extra cool about being able to wear your finished masterpiece. With this easy tutorial, you'll have a new necklace — one you totally made yourself — added to your collection in no time.

Embroidered Leaf Pendant

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Hoop Up + Outline

Hoop up your fabric, making sure to get the fabric nice and taut. Use your fabric marker to trace the flat tag from your necklace kit onto the fabric.

Draw a small leaf on your fabric, being sure to keep its edges inside the circle.

2. Fill In Your Leaf

Pull out about an arm's length of green embroidery floss. Separate out two of the six strands of floss , and thread them through your needle. Fill in the leaf with satin stitch , then finish off your thread on the back side and trim it.

Pro Tip

Because this project is so small, it might be hard to secure your floss on the back side. No sweat! We'll use glue to secure the embroidery to the bezel, so even if your ends aren't super secure now, they will be once that glue dries.

3. Add Detail

With the turquoise metallic floss, use a back stitch to make the vein and stem, and a straight stitch to add any accent details.

4. Clean It Up

Take your fabric out of the hoop, and trim away the excess fabric, leaving a 0.2" edge outside the circle you traced. Rinse your fabric, following the instructions on your fabric marker, to get rid of any visible markings. If there's any fraying along the edges of your fabric, apply a fabric glue or fray check.

5. Secure Your Work

Work a running stitch along the edge of your fabric. Make sure the circle you make with your running stitch is wider than the flat tag you're covering.

Cinch the fabric around the flat tag. Pull tight and make a double knot. Clip your excess thread.

6. Make It a Necklace

Apply craft glue to the bezel, following the manufacturer's directions for your specific glue.

Insert the fabric-wrapped tag, and clamp it in place. Allow the glue to dry before removing the clamps.

Slip that beauty around your neck and show off your chic style!

Photos by Jessica Long

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This Custom Hand Embroidered Pendant Is Just What Your Jewelry Collection Needs