Wish Dad a Sweet Father's Day With Dapper Cupcake Toppers

Show dad some love with a Father's Day cupcake topper that's as dashing as he is! Regardless of whether he wears sweater vests and top hats, he's sure to love the thought (and taste) behind these fun sweets.

Dapper Dad Cupcake

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Shape the Hat

Roll out brown fondant until it's ¼" thick, using the wooden dowels as guides. Cut out a 1½" circle with a cutter. Roll it into a ball, then shape it into a cylinder. Narrow the cylinder at the bottom and flatten the top so it starts to take the shape of a top hat. Use your fingers to pinch the perimeter of the top of the hat.

Pro Tip

Soften the fondant with vegetable shortening as needed to help with shaping.

Roll more brown fondant with the rolling pin until it's ⅛" thick. Cut out a 1¼" circle. Place this circle between two ¼" dowels, with the top hat piece in the center, to fold the sides up slightly. Allow the sides to dry like this.

Roll out more brown fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Use the pastry cutter to cut a strip, approximately ¼" wide. Form it around the base of the top hat, trim the excess with your X-ACTO knife, then glue it around the bottom perimeter of the hat. Glue the top hat to the center of the brim and allow to dry.

2. Make the Sweater Vest

Roll out teal fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Spread a bit of shortening over the fondant and place the embossing mat over it. Use the rolling pin to impress the pattern, then use the 2½" cutter to punch out a circle.

Use a corner of the large square cutter to cut out a triangle at the top of the circle, plus a smaller triangle at the bottom. Use the 1½" round cutter to trim the sides, creating the sweater vest arm holes.

Roll white fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Cut out a 2¼" circle and glue the teal sweater shape to the white topper. Use the 2¼" cutter to trim the teal piece to match the white circle's size.

3. Add the Details

Use the side of the large square cutter to lightly indent the center of the sweater vest vertically.

Roll out maroon fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Cut a strip approximately ⅓" wide. Turn it upside down and fold over both sides to meet in the middle. Glue the ends and pinch the middle together to make a bow. Cut a smaller strip of maroon fondant and wrap it vertically over the center of the bow. Glue in place.

Use the X-ACTO knife to make two small indents where the bow meets the center on each side. Glue the bow to the sweater vest.

Cut out three maroon fondant circles with your round piping tip. Glue them down the center line of the vest to create buttons. Use the small modeling stick to make two indents in each button.

Once your fondant topper is dry, place it on top of your cupcake and serve to Dad!

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Wish Dad a Sweet Father's Day With Dapper Cupcake Toppers