Found: The Cutest Watercolor Easter Egg Garland

Get hoppin' and string up a colorful, festive garland before that Easter Bunny arrives! This project is easier than dying eggs, and is a great way to get the whole fam in on the decorating.

Watercolor Easter Egg Garland

Level: Easy

What You Need

  • Watercolor paints
  • Watercolor paper or card stock
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Egg template
  • Sewing machine and thread (or scotch tape and twine)


1. Paint Your Paper

Grab your watercolors and go crazy! You can paint a pattern or keep it random and abstract. Try out some different painting techniques and see all the cool ways you can explore your colors.

We stuck with a pastel color palette that felt spring-y, but you can do whatever you like. You can also tap your kids to handle this step — unlike the later steps in the project, there are no pointy objects required!

2. Cut Out the Easter Eggs

Print the PDF egg template, cut it out and trace it onto the back of your paper. Use your scissors to cut out each egg.

3. Assemble Your Easter Garland

There are two easy ways to turn your eggs into a garland: if you have a sewing machine, use it to stitch the eggs together, leaving a few inches between each egg to evenly space them out.

Pro Tip

Always test your stitches on a piece of scrap paper before sewing your entire garland together. This way you can make any tension adjustments needed.

If you're not into sewing (or you wanna keep the whole process kid-friendly,) break out the scotch tape and just assemble the garland with a length of twine. Easy peasy.

4. Decorate!

Now just hang 'em up! These paper Easter eggs would also make adorable embellishments for scrapbook pages or handmade cards, or use 'em as DIY gift tags for special Easter treats.

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Finally, complete your third and final project: a bluebird on a flowering branch. You'll use the primary palette with the addition of burnt sienna.
One of my favorite things about paper is how quickly it can turn from a simple flat sheet into a gorgeously festive party statement. And this leaf garland is a great example. You can pull one together in under an hour, then drape it across a wall to make your event feel extra special. It's also completely customizable: Use shades of green for a foliage look, harvest hues for a Halloween party, or even metallics for the new year.Paper GarlandHow to make a homemade garland
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Pile on the Peeps® and pastels... Joshua's getting man about Easter with an egg-ceptional cake.

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