Stitch a Shamrock Quilt Block for St. Patrick's Day

If you've got more green scraps than you know what to do with, it's your lucky day — this fun four-leaf clover quilt block is a fast, simple project to use every last one.

Shamrock Block

Level: Easy
Size: 8½" unfinished (8" when finished)

What You Need

Cutting Instructions

  • Twelve 1½" x 8½" green strips
  • Twelve 1½" squares of background fabric
  • Two 1½" x 6½" strips of background fabric
  • Two 1½" x 8½" strips of background fabric

Pro Tip

The more variety of green fabrics you have, the better. We used a collection of batiks , dots, stripes, homespuns and prints. You'll need 12 scraps from different fabrics if you don't want any repeats.


1. Prep and Cut

Press your fabrics so they're flat, then cut them into the dimensions listed in your Cutting Instructions.

2. Sew the Green Strips

Sew three strips of green fabric together lengthwise and press the seams toward the center strip . Make four of these squares, using all of your green strips.

Good to Know

For this block, all seam allowances should be ¼".

3. Sew the Background Squares

Place the background squares on top of the strip units, right sides together, as shown above. Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner on each square, using the image above as a guide.

Sew on each diagonal line and press the seams toward the background fabric.

Trim away the excess fabric to reduce bulk. When done, you'll have the four units of the clover.

4. Sew the Shamrock

Sew the four units of the shamrock together. First sew the left units to the right, then stitch the two rows together into a square. Press the seams open .

5. Add the Borders

Sew the 6½" strips to the left and right sides of the block. Press the seams toward the strips.

Sew the 8½" strips to the top and bottom of the block. Press these seams toward the strips.

You'll now have an 8½" block. Frame it, join it into a quilt top or sew it into a pillow to finish!

January 30, 2020
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Stitch a Shamrock Quilt Block for St. Patrick's Day