Got 2 Minutes? You Can Make a DIY Terrarium!

This terrarium is cute, easy and FAST. So you can get those peaceful Mother Nature decor vibes going as soon as tonight — even if your schedule is anything but relaxed. Let's grow!

Two-Minute Terrarium

Level: Easy

Two-Minute Terrarium
glass terrarium filled with soil and plants on wooden surface in front of a brick wall

From DIY Weekend Gardens

What You Need

  • Glass container
  • Small rocks or gravel
  • Activated charcoal
  • Succulent potting soil
  • Decorative stones
  • Sheet moss
  • Alternanthera
  • Snow White waffle plant
  • Tricolor brake fern
  • Rose shades saxifrage


1. Build a Drainage Layer

We’re using living, water-dependent plants in our terrarium, which means we need to protect their roots from excess water. To do this, place small rocks or gravel across the bottom of the glass container until the layer is about 2 inches thick. Then sprinkle about a spoonful of activated charcoal on top. This separates and absorbs any lingering water so it can’t harm your roots and flood the terrarium.

2. Add the Potting Soil

Once your drainage layer is done, pour potting soil on top. Make sure to use soil that’s specifically designed for succulents, otherwise it might retain too much water. Pack the soil gently by pressing down with your hands. You’re ready to get planting!

3. Plant! Plant! Plant!

Arrange your alternanthera, Snow White waffle plant, tricolor brake fer and rose shades saxifrage in the glass container and plant them in the soil. There’s no right or wrong way to do this — just place them how you like!

4. Cover the Soil

Lay pieces of sheet moss over areas where soil is visible between the plants. This makes your terrarium look extra cute and green. Then add some decorative stones as accents (and maybe even a little gnome).

Now just water your plants, place the terrarium in a sunny spot and watch it thrive!

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