Make Shimmering Embroidered Hearts With Angelina

Hey metallic embroidery fans, here's something to be excited about — you can stitch the coolest (and shiniest) projects around thanks to one key tool: Angelina.

Angelina is available in translucent sheets and in fiber form, and it produces a soft drape not possible with metallic threads. The fibers resemble ultra-fine Easter grass and serve as a reflective light source, while also providing a palette for creating gorgeous, dimensional machine embroidery and textile art.

Fusible only to itself, heat-bondable Angelina films and fibers can be ironed on any heat-resistant surface to create layers of sparkle, texture and dimension. (You can also press just in the center to create a smooth surface with feathery edges.) Scraps can also be combined and re-fused, so the material is totally waste-free. Plus, on-fusible Angelina and items such as yarns, beads and wire can be fused between layers to create all the dimension you could possibly dream of.

These simple in the hoop designs are a great introduction to Angelina — and make beautiful hearts for Valentine's Day , too.

Embroidered Angelina Heart

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Make a Felt Heart

Using your appliqué design, create a 4" heart out of felt.

2. Press the Fibers

Trace an identical 4" heart on white paper and cover it with a pressing sheet. Pull strands of Aurora Crystalina Angelina hot-fix fibers apart to form a very sheer layer; cover the template. Fold over the pressing sheet and press as directed. The fused Angelina will be used as appliqué fabric.

Pro Tip

When it comes to the Angelina fibers, less is more. It takes very few fibers to create an iridescent layer upon which to embroider. And be careful not to over-iron, as it can soften the colors.

3. Hoop Up

Hoop a stiff, tear-away stabilizer and mark for centering. Spray the back of the felt heart with temporary adhesive and finger-press it in place, centering in the hoop.

4. Stitch

Stitch the first color stop (placement stitch). Spray the back of the Angelina and finger-press over the placement stitches.

Stitch the second color stop (tack-down) to secure the Angelina layer to the felt. Trim close to the stitches, as you would with any appliqué.

Good to Know

One of the benefits of hot-fix Angelina is you can use pieces trimmed after tack-down to patch areas needing more coverage.

5. Customize

Once the Angelina is in place, finish your heart any way you like! The designs above use a cross-hatch design and appliqué satin stitches, plus a little decorative embroidery.

You can also add more embellishments, like 4mm hot-fix crystals or beads for extra sparkle. The possibilities are endless!

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January 17, 2020
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Make Shimmering Embroidered Hearts With Angelina