Fondant Easter Chicks Make the Cutest Cupcakes


Stop the hunt — we've found the perfect fondant topper for all your Easter cakes and cupcakes . This chick-shaped Easter basket is cute, festive and (best of all) easy to sculpt.

Easter Chick Basket Fondant Topper

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Make the Body and Head

Roll yellow fondant into a ball approximately 1¼" around. Using the large ball tool, make an indent in the center and twist it around to make the opening larger.

Pro Tip

When making the opening, use vegetable shortening to soften the fondant. Adjust the size and shape as necessary while you're forming it.

Roll another piece of yellow fondant into a ball about ½" around. This will be the chick's head.

2. Give Him Feet

Roll out orange fondant until it's about ¼" thick, using the wooden dowels as a guide. Punch out five circles with round piping tip #12.

Combine two of the small orange circles and roll into one ball. Shape into a teardrop with your fingers. Use the knife tool to make two indents at the top of the larger end to create the chicken's foot. Repeat to create a second orange foot.

Form the feet around the front of the chick's body and secure in place with edible glue.

3. Add the Beak

Roll the last orange circle into a cone shape. Use the knife tool to indent it from side to side, creating the beak. Glue the beak to the chick's head, then glue the head to the top front of the basket.

4. Shape the Wings

Roll out yellow fondant until it's about ¼" thick, using the wooden dowels as a guide. Cut out four circles with piping tip #12.

Combine two yellow circles and roll into a ball. Shape into a longer teardrop shape. Pinch the pointed end of the teardrop and sculpt it upward.

Use the knife tool to make two diagonal indents vertically to create the wing. Repeat this step to make a second wing, then glue both to each side of the body.

5. Glue on the Eyes

Roll out black fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Cut out two small circles with piping tip #3. Roll the circles into balls with your fingers, then flatten them and glue in place above the beak.

Pro Tip

Dip a toothpick in white soft gel paste and dab little white dots on the chick's eyes to add extra depth.

6. Twist the Basket Handle

Roll two pieces of orange fondant onto your work surface into snake-like shapes. Pinch the two ends together and twist the pieces together. Trim the handle to size, flatten the two ends and shape it. Allow the handle to dry until it holds its shape, then glue the ends to either side of the basket.

7. Add the Final Details

Roll out green fondant until it's ⅛" thick. Punch out a circle with the scalloped cutter and use piping tip #3 to make indents around the perimeter of the green circle for extra adornment.

Roll white fondant into little balls, then use your fingers to shape them into eggs. Glue the eggs into the basket.

Glue the chick to the green circle, then place it on top of a cake or cupcake for a deliciously festive treat!

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Fondant Easter Chicks Make the Cutest Cupcakes