How to Pipe Perfect Royal Icing Roses

Roses are a classic cake decorating motif made in any medium. If you don't want to pipe them with buttercream or mold them out of gum paste , you have another option: royal icing! We'll show you how to mix the right consistency of royal icing and carefully pipe a darling royal icing rose.

How pipe royal icing roses step by step

What you  need:

Step 1:

Fit a piping bag with a small petal tip . This tip really is the key to making these royal icing roses. These piping tips have many other uses, so it's a worthwhile investment!

Fill the piping bag with your thick-consistency royal icing.

Step 2:

For this tutorial, we're going to pipe the royal icing rose onto a mini sugar cookie. If you have other plans for your flower, you can pipe it onto a square of parchment paper and then lift it with a spatula or flower lifter.

Either way, start by piping a small dollop of royal icing onto the flower nail.

Place your parchment paper or cookie on top of the nail. The dollop of royal icing will help keep it in place as you work.

Step 3:

Start in the very middle of the nail and hold your piping bag so that the larger end of the petal tip is touching the surface.

Start applying pressure to the piping bag as you turn your flower nail so that it gently spins around and keep your piping hand still. Pipe one continuous stream of royal icing for about three turns, or as large as you'd like the center of the rose to be.

We recommend leaving your piped rose center to set for around 10 minutes before adding petals. This helps the centers stay a little more defined.

Step 4:

Build up your royal icing rose petals using the same technique as you used for the centers, except use with quick, short piping motions.

To keep your roses even pipe, three petals around the bud. Then pipe five petals on the next round, and finally seven petals on the last round of the rose (you can add more rounds if you like, following the same pattern).

Piping royal icing roses is a simple yet sophisticated way to add romantic details to cookies, cakes and more.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2015 and was re-edited in February 2018.
March 19, 2018
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How to Pipe Perfect Royal Icing Roses