How to Sew Classic Four-Patch Blocks With Cute Charm Squares

If you're looking for a fun and fast project, sewing four-patch quilt blocks is for you! These are a classic, and are great to use in quilt borders or interspersed with solid blocks for visual interest. Here's how to make four of 'em using just four charm squares, so you can make the most of your stash .

Four-Patch Quilt Block

Level: Easy
Dimensions: 4¼" unfinished (3¾" finished)

What You Need

Pro Tip

Don't let this color palette trip you up: our method works with any color (including solid!) charm squares, though your four-patch will pop best in contrasting hues.


1. Stack Your Squares

Stack both sets of the contrasting charm squares on top of each other, right sides together. Sew a scant ¼" seam (just a hair smaller than ¼") along the left and right sides of each set.

2. Measure + Cut

Use a ruler and rotary cutter to measure halfway across each set and cut a vertical line 2½" from the edge of the block. Be careful not to cut through the two lines of stitching!

3. Press

Open up each fabric unit and press the seam toward the darker fabric . Make sure not to drag your iron — that'll distort the seam! — and simply press firmly on top of the seam.

4. Stack (Again!)

Stack the matching units on top of each other, right sides together. The contrasting fabrics should be opposite each other, like you see with the blue/pink fabrics here. Nest the seams (butting them up against each other) and pin the block units together.

5. Stitch More Scants


Stitch a scant ¼" seam along the two edges of the block, sewing perpendicular to your previous center seam line and crossing over it. Repeat with the other block.

6. Cut Through the Center

Measure 2½" from one side, then cut along that line so you're straight down the center of the block. (You'll cut through the other center seam, parallel to the two seams you just sewed on the sides of the block.) Repeat with the other four-patch block.

7. Press to One Side

Open the block and press the center seam to one side.

8. Trim

Trim the finished four-patch blocks to 4¼". To do this, align the  2⅛" mark on your ruler with the center seam, then trim everything beyond that on each side of the block.

You're done! If you'd like to make larger four-patch blocks in the future, simply kick things off with a larger starting square. You could try a precut 10" square, or any other measurement that feels right.

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August 23, 2019
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How to Sew Classic Four-Patch Blocks With Cute Charm Squares