Make a Cookie That Looks Just Like Duke from "Secret Life of Pets 2"!

What's up, pup? We're ready to sit up, beg and roll over for this adorable dog cookie. (And yes, to be clear, it's a cookie for PEOPLE to eat!) Break out your grass piping tip to make the perfect chocolate-y fur, then add some super-cute details to bring Duke from The Secret Life of Pets 2 to life.

Duke Cookie Tutorial

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Pipe on Fur

Fill a piping bag fitted with your grass tip with brown royal icing, then pipe a "base layer" of shaggy fur.

Once you have your base, it's time to to "build up" the facial features with more piping. Pipe long, ear-like sections on either side of the cookie. For Duke’s tufted head fur, pipe quick short sections moving upwards in the cookie's "forehead" area. For the muzzle, pipe an oval-shaped mound toward the bottom of the cookie where Duke’s mouth will be.

2. Place His Eyes + Nose

Now it's time to work swiftly, before your royal icing crusts over! Gently place two candy eye sprinkles under the ‘tufts’ you piped earlier.

Roll a small ball of black fondant into a ‘chubby’ oval shape. Then use a veining tool to poke indentations for the nostrils. Carefully place Duke's nose on his muzzle area, just below his eyes.

4. Add The Finishing Touches

Roll a small piece of pale pink fondant into a smooth oval shape. Gently flatten the oval, then add an indented vertical line to create Duke's tongue. Place the tongue so it hangs from the side of his mouth. For the ID tag, roll out gold fondant and use the bottom of a piping tip to cut out a circle. Indent a ‘D’ using your veining tool, then add the tag to the cookie.

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Make a Cookie That Looks Just Like Duke from "Secret Life of Pets 2"!