Adorable Mermaid Baby Shower Cake Tutorial

This adorable buttercream mermaid baby shower cake is so easy to make, but also super impressive! 

All images via Erin Bakes

Customize your cake with your mom-to-be's favorite colors or colors of the nursery. Make this smaller cake as the centerpiece to a dessert buffet or use it as the top tier of a larger cake creation. With no special tools or fondant needed, this cake is perfect for those new to cake decorating who are looking to make a splash at their next baby shower!

Mermaid baby shower cake tutorial


  • 6" round cake finished with plain buttercream
  • 1 cupcake, unfrosted
  • 3 cups of teal buttercream
  • 2 cups of white buttercream
  • 1 cup of pink buttercream
  • 1 cup of  purple buttercream 
  • Teal and purple coating chocolate 
  • Piping bags
  • Rose tip
  • Small round tip (optional)
  • Parchment paper
  • Candy and sugar pearls in complimenting colors

Piping the waves

Step 1:

Fit a large piping bag with the rose piping tip. Place the white, teal, pink, and purple buttercream in separate piping bags. Cut the tip off of the white buttercream and drop the bag into the bag fitted with the rose tip.

Step 2:

Set the cake on a turntable. Position the rose tip just above the top edge of the cake, pointed side up. Slowly spin the turntable while you apply pressure to the bag, creating a stripe of buttercream all around the cake. Release pressure when you reach your starting point.

Step 3:

Position the tip so that the bottom of the first stripe runs through the middle of the piping tip, still pointed side up. Slightly tilt the tip so that the fat end is closer to the cake. Pipe a second stripe all the way around the cake. Repeat with more stripes about a third of the way down the cake.

Step 4:

Cut the tip off of the bag of teal buttercream. Remove the bag of white buttercream and replace it with the bag of teal buttercream. Do not clean the bag or piping tip first. The extra little bits of white buttercream will blend with the teal to create a pretty color transition. Pipe more stripes until the entire cake is covered.

Step 5:

Use the tip of an offset spatula to smear white and teal buttercream around on top of the cake to mimic waves.

Making the mermaid tail

Step 1:

Remove the cupcake from its wrapper. Slice off the domed top of the cupcake, but don't throw it away.

Flip the cupcake over and place it on top of the cake. Stick the domed cupcake top onto what is now the top of the cupcake with a smear of buttercream.

Trim away any cake that hangs over the sides of the cupcake.

Step 2:

Fit a large piping bag with the small round tip or just cut the tips off of the other colors of buttercream if you aren't using a tip. Drop either the teal, pink or purple bag of buttercream into the piping bag with the tip.

Step 3:

Starting at the base of the upside-down cupcake, pipe a small dot of buttercream. As you release pressure on the piping bag, drag the tip up and across the surface of the cupcake to smear the dot. Repeat all the way around the base of the cupcake, alternating colors as you go. Once again, there's no need to clean the bag or tip in-between dots.

Step 4:

Start the second row of dots half way up the first row. Continue piping rows of dots until the entire cupcake tail is covered.

Making the fin

Step 1:

Melt the teal and purple coating chocolate separately in small bowls.

Step 2:

Spoon a small circle of teal chocolate on a piece of parchment paper. Drop a second dot of purple chocolate just above the teal dot.

Use an offset spatula to smear the dot into a fanned-fin shape. Start with the spatula in the teal chocolate and pull it towards the purple chocolate, so that the base of the fin is blue with purple tips. Set the fin aside to harden completely before using, about 10 minutes.

Step 3:

Remove the fin from the parchment paper and carefully press it into the end of the mermaid tail. 

Completing the cake

Add sweet details like gum balls, sugar pearls, or even pre-made chocolate shells to finish the little mermaid's playground!

January 04, 2018
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Adorable Mermaid Baby Shower Cake Tutorial