Every Kitchen Should Have a Quilted Bowl Cozy

Why will you love these quilted bowl cozies? Let us count the ways. Not only are they cute and totally customizable (meaning they'd make a great gift ), but this pattern is also microwave-safe, reversible and can cover all sizes of bowls. Plus, it's so easy to make!

DIY Microwave Bowl Cozy

Level: Easy

What You Need

Pro Tip

Double check all fiber content, as the materials must be 100 percent cotton to be microwave-safe. Never use polyester, rayon, nylon or metallic threads, fabrics or batting — they will melt or catch on fire in the microwave.


1. Stack the Fabric

Place one of the batting squares on top of a fabric square, with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. Sew two diagonal lines from corner to corner. Repeat with the remaining squares of batting and backing.

2. Make Your Marks

Fold the quilted square in half, right sides together. Mark 1" from the center fold on the side. Also mark 1½" from the edge along the center fold. Draw a line connecting these marks. Sew on the line, then trim ¼" from that sewn line, as shown above. Repeat on the opposite side.

3. Repeat

Unfold the square and refold it in half the other way. Repeat Step 2 on the remaining side of the quilted square. Repeat this process on the second square, so both are the same.

4. Layer and Pin

Layer the two quilted squares, right sides together, and pin near the trimmed seams on each side.

5. Cut the Corners

Place a ruler on one corner of the two layered quilted squares. Measure 1" on the sewn seam. Cut along this line, removing the corner of the square. Repeat on all four corners.

6. Stitch

Sew a ¼" seam all the way around the edge of the quilted squares. Leave an opening a few inches long.

7. Close the Gap

Turn the piece right-side out and pin along the edges to keep the fabric in place. Pin the opening closed, tucking the raw edges into the seam allowance.

Topstitch ¼" around the entire edge of the bowl, securing the raw edges from the opening into the seam.

The bowl cozy is now complete — now to heat up a bowl of soup (or tasty leftovers )!

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December 16, 2019
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Every Kitchen Should Have a Quilted Bowl Cozy