Quick, Cute & Easy Modeling Chocolate Flowers

Working with modeling chocolate  opens a world of decorating possibilities — it's easy to work with and durable at the same time. Another plus? It's ridiculously tasty, too! Try your hand at decorating with modeling chocolate with these simple flowers! These cute flowers are edible versions of fabric Kanzashi flowers used to adorn clothes and accessories.

How to make modeling chocolate flowers

What you need:

Step 1:

Roll out your modeling chocolate to a thickness of about 2 to 3 mm — this makes it thin but still thick enough to work with. Try not to roll your modeling chocolate out too thick or it will look chunky and also be hard to shape!

Modeling chocolate can be a little stiff when you begin using it. If that's the case, knead it a little before attempting to roll it out.

Step 2:

Cut out a series of squares from your rolled-out modeling chocolate. The size of your cookie cutters will affect the size of your finished kanzashi flowers, so experiment with various sizes and choose carefully.

If you're trying this technique out for the first time, we recommend working with larger squares than you may need. This is just until you get the hang of it. A few practice tries never hurt!

Step 3:

Fold each square in half diagonally, from one corner to the opposite corner, to create triangles. Don't flatten these down! You want the folded over edge to stay puffed and shaped.

Step 4:

Next, bring in the two remaining corners in toward the point where the other two corners meet. Pinch together the two open ends. These points need to meet the middle point at the base of your triangle.

Your modeling chocolate pieces should kind of resemble the neck part of a buttoned up dress shirt.

Tip: Modeling chocolate looks greasy or shiny when it gets warm or has been worked with too much. You can help stop this by leaving it to cool down, working on a cold marble surface and keeping your hands chilled.

Step 5:

With a small sharp knife, trim away the excess modeling chocolate at the sides to create a petal-like shape.

Step 6:

Roll out more of your modeling chocolate, perhaps in a different color for the center. Then, use your cupcake piping tip to cut out a series of circles.

Step 7:

Use a dab of edible glue to attach the modeling chocolate petals around the circle you created in Step 6.

Step 8:

Roll out more modeling chocolate, again in another color if you like, for the centers of your flowers. Use the smaller piping end of your plain round cupcake nozzle to cut out a series of circles. 

Leave the circles for a few minutes to cool down and firm up slightly. If you add them to your flowers while they're too warm and floppy they'll set to the shape of your petals — meaning a lumpy looking center! When ready, use a little edible glue to attach.

July 19, 2017
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Quick, Cute & Easy Modeling Chocolate Flowers