Camp in Style With a Needle Punched Frog Patch

Nothing gets you in the camping mood more than some nature-inspired accessories. With a simple template, yarn and fabric scraps, you can needle punch a frog patch that's cute enough to stitch on any campwear.

Punch Needle Frog Patch

Level: Easy
Finished size: 5” across

Nature's calling! The mother-daughter crafting duo make outdoorsy camping accessories such as a punched wool blanket and a patchy embellished bucket hat.
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What You Need

Good to Know

When using a punch needle with wool fabric, you’ll need a no-slip hoop. A regular embroidery hoop won’t keep the fabric tight enough for the loops to stay in place, while a gripper frame will provide too much grip to work well.


1. Transfer the Pattern

Using a lightbox or fabric transfer paper, transfer the pattern to your wool fabric. Hoop up with the fabric right side down.

Hold the punch needle with the groove facing up and thread the yarn down through the eye of the needle. Pull the working yarn back until you feel it slide into the groove. (It should move freely through the needle.)

2. Needle Punch the Frog

With the wrong side of the wool facing up, punch the eyes, nose and mouth of the frog. To do this, you want to punch your needle through the fabric, pushing it all the way down so the handle hits the fabric. Bring the needle back up, drag the tip across the fabric about ⅛”, then insert it again. You need a minimum of three punches to create a dot — anything less and there won’t be a loop.

Pro Tip

As you punch, keep the needle with the groove facing up and punch away from you. Turn your work over regularly to make sure your loops are all the same height on the right side. If they’re uneven, you’re either lifting the needle too high or not punching down all the way.

3. Finish It Off

To end a color, poke the yarn through to the other side with your scissors. You’ll wind up with an end on the other side that is longer than your loops — we refer to this as a “tail”. Simply trim the tail to the same height as your loops, so it won’t come undone or show.

3. Interface the Frog

When you’ve finished punching, apply iron-on fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the frog’s head to create the appliqué patch.

4. Attach the Frog

Attach the patch to the hat using the fusible interfacing. Secure it with a blanket stitch all around the frog’s head.

Good to Know

We attached our frog patch to a bucket hat, but feel free to use the little guy as embellishment on any item that could use some sprucing up.

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February 19, 2020
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Camp in Style With a Needle Punched Frog Patch