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          Stitch Chic Log Cabin Coasters for Your Next Party

          If there's one party rule we follow, it's to never underestimate the power of handcrafted coasters . They're perfect for using scraps, they stitch up in a flash and the customization opportunities are endless — making 'em conversation starters for your next get-together. And if hosting isn't your thing, DIY coasters just so happen to be a functional and fun quick-stitch gift any host or hostess would love.

          Quilted Log Cabin Coasters

          Level: Easy
          Makes: 2 coasters

          Our mother-daughter crafting queens use quilting techniques to make cool (and surprisingly articulate) coasters.
          Quilted Coasters
          Quilted Coasters
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          What You Need

          Cutting Instructions

          Cut your fabric pieces to the following sizes:

          • Two 2½” squares (center of block)
          • Two 4½” squares (backing)
          • Two 2½” x 1½”
          • Four 3½” x 1½”
          • Four 4½” x 1½”

          From batting, cut:

          • Two 4” squares

          Pro Tip

          Before you begin, separate your cut fabric into piles, evenly dispersing solids and prints.


          1. Sew the Center Square

          Place one 2½” square and one 2½” x 1½” piece right sides together. Stitch using a ¼” seam allowance. Press seams open.

          2. Continue Stitching

          From there, you’ll add pieces in a clockwise direction. So you’ll sew one of the 3½" x 1½" pieces to the bottom. Press.

          Sew the other 3½" x 1½" piece to the next side. Press.

          Sew the 4½” x 1½” piece to the final side. Press. The top of one coaster is finished!

          3. Make the Second Coaster Top

          Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second coaster top.

          4. Build Your Coaster

          Take one finished coaster top, backing square and batting square. Spray adhesive to one side of the batting, then arrange the batting adhesive-side down to the wrong side of your backing square.

          Place the backing and coaster top right sides together, then pin to secure.

          5. Stitch It Together

          Hand sew around all four edges, leaving at least a 1½” opening on one side for turning the coaster inside out. Backstitch when you start and finish.

          6. Turn It Inside Out

          Clip the seam allowance at all four corners. Turn your coaster right side out, using a dull pencil or turning tool to gently poke out the corners.

          7. Finish the Coaster

          Pin the 1½” opening closed. Top stitch all the way around your coaster, staying very close to the edge. Backstitch when you start and finish.

          8. Quilt It!

          Use your preferred hand stitch to quilt the panels and add additional texture.

          9. Finish Your Second Coaster

          Repeat steps 4-8 so you have a set of coasters ready to gift!

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          Alison Caporimo
          These coasters are the perfect way to greet your party guests ... and gently nudge them out at the end of the night. Two sides, two messages, one stellar quick-stitch craft!

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