Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies Are an Elegant Treat for Your Big Day

Instead of paper place cards at your wedding, picture greeting your guests with something a little sweeter — like mini tiered cakes made from sugar cookies. On top of being elegant, these goodies are simple to make en masse, so they're perfect for your big day or bridal shower.

Wedding Cake Sugar Cookies

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Bake

Mix your sugar cookie batter according to your recipe's instructions. Cut out circles using cutters in three ascending sizes. Each cake cookie is going to use six cookies, two in each size (large, medium and small). Bake and let them cool before moving on.

2. Mix Your Royal Icing

While your cookies cool, mix together your royal icing according to your recipe's instructions. You need to create both piping and flooding consistencies and color both batches pink .

3. Pipe the Outline

Spoon your piping consistency royal icing into a piping bag fitted with a small round tip.

Pro Tip

Make sure the piping tip is seamless. If it has a seam, your piping can be crooked.

Pipe the outline of your cookie by touching the tip to the surface, gently squeezing and lifting while moving around the perimeter. Although you're using six cookies per design, you only need to ice one large, one medium and one small cookie for each cake.

4. Flood

To give your cookies a seamless look, flood each one immediately after you pipe the outline. Do this by filling the center with the flooding consistency icing and spreading it across the cookie with a toothpick.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each cookie until half of your batch is iced. Leave them to set for 6-24 hours, until they're completely dry (the time depends on your climate's humidity).

5. Stack

Pipe royal icing into the center of a plain large cookie. Place an iced large cookie on top of it (iced side up).

Good to Know

The color of your icing doesn't matter here — you can use extra pink icing if you have some, or whip up a new batch without color.

Repeat this step until all large, small and medium cookies are stacked in pairs. Leave them to set.

6. Assemble the Tiers

When your cookies are dried together, stack the tiers from large to small, as shown in the image above. Just like in step 5, use a swirl of royal icing to fuse the layers together.

7. Decorate

Decorate your cake cookies any way you want! We recommend piping white borders around each tier, but you can also add detail with edible sugar pearls or sprinkles.

If you want to add tiny floral blooms, roll out white fondant and cut out the flowers with a blossom cutter. Shape each petal with a boning tool and foam pad, then attach the flower to your cookies with a small dab of royal icing. Place a sugar pearl in the center.

Allow everything to dry, then you're ready to serve!

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Discover more tips and tutorials for decorating with royal icing in our free guide, Essential Royal Icing Techniques for Stunning Sugar Cookies.

May 01, 2020
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Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies Are an Elegant Treat for Your Big Day