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          Sweet Tiers: How to Create Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies


          We've noticed a sweet new trend over the past few months for adorably tiered sugar cookies created to look like miniature wedding cakes! These are perfect favors to hand out at engagement/bridal showers or even use as edible 'place-cards' at a romantic wedding reception.

          Step-by-step guide on how to create stacked wedding cake cookies!

          Materials needed:

          • Your go-to sugar cookie recipe
          • Circle cookie cutters in ascending size
          • Royal icing (in both flooding and piping consistency)
          • Small blossom cutters
          • Edible sugar pearls
          • Piping bag
          • Small seamless piping tip
          • Boning tool
          • Fondant
          • Foam pad
          • Thin ribbon (optional)

          Step 1:

          Cut out a series of cookie circles in ascending order. You'll need 2 each size (large, medium and small) for your cookie cake. Bake and leave to cool according to your go-to recipe.

          Step 2:

          Per cookie cake you need to royal ice 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small sized cookie (leaving the other large, medium and small un-iced). Begin by piping the outline with piping consistency icing and then carefully flood each with a more runnier royal icing.

          Step 3:

          Leave to set for 6-24 hours depending on the humidity. This is important as you need your royal icing to harden and dry fully before you assemble and decorate! You definitely don't want to risk all your hard work being ruined.

          Step 4:

          Once dry assemble each cookie cake as follows. For the bottom tier layer your iced cookie on top of an un-iced cookie (use royal icing to stick both together). Repeat for the middle tier and also for the final small tier. 

          Step 5:

          Attach and stack each of your cookie tiers together using a little royal icing. Leave to set.

          Step 6:

          To decorate add piped royal icing pearl borders or even string-work around each tier. You can even add tiny swiss dots or add detail with edible sugar pearls, sprinkles or fondant molds.

          Step 7:

          For tiny floral details cut out a series of flowers using your small blossom cutter.

          Step 8:

          Add shape to each petal using your boning tool and foam pad. Thinning the petals down even on small flowers such as these just helps add a touch of finesse and delicateness to each blossom!

          Step 9:

          Attach each flower onto your cookie cake with a little dab of royal icing. Finish with an edible sugar pearl in the center of each.

          Step 10:

          You can also trim your cookie cake with a small amount of thin ribbon wrapped around one tier and tied with a sweet bow.

          We love the idea of including tiny flag cupcake toppers on top of each mini cake to include guests' names or table numbers! Of course, these marvelous miniature cookie cakes don't have to be just for wedding parties — why not decorate them as table setting favors for birthday parties, afternoon teas or the holidays!

          What cookie or wedding favor trend have you spotted this year?

          Turn your cookies into a captivating canvas!

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          Sweet Tiers: How to Create Stacked Wedding Cake Cookies