This Acrylic Tree Painting Starts With Your Imagination

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by Alymperez
by Rosenbaum4341611
by randall292944885

This isn't your run-of-the-mill maple tree. For starters, there's no reference photo — this tree is found only in your imagination. And that means anything goes! We'll show you how to bring your vision to life with lots of splatter, speckles, glare and other abstract techniques that capture a dreamy mood.

Dream-Like Tree

Level: Intermediate

What You Need

  • Artist’s Tape (optional)
  • Yard stick (optional)
  • Large, medium and small paint brushes
  • Chromium oxide green paint
  • Burnt umber paint
  • Titanium white paint
  • Cobalt blue paint
  • Scarlet red paint
  • Brilliant blue paint
  • Yellow ochre paint


Lay out your paints and grab your large brush — then follow along and grow that tree!

From Painting the Imagined Landscape in Acrylics

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