This Dragon Cake Is Every Kid’s Dessert Dream Come True

Dragons don’t have to be scary! This cake, inspired by Toothless of How To Train Your Dragon fame, is 100 percent sweet. Plus, his easy fondant features are beginner-friendly. Hurrah!

Fondant Toothless Cake

Level: Beginner

What You Need

  • Cake iced in black fondant
  • Fondant colored in black, lime green, and white ( learn to color fondant here!)
  • Edible glue
  • Food safe brush
  • Small and medium ball tools
  • Black edible pearl sprinkles
  • Small rolling pin
  • Variety of small to medium circle cutters
  • Pizza or pastry cutter wheel
  • Piping tips


1. Get a Little Scale-y

Roll out a thick strip of black fondant to the same length as your cake's diameter, then use a knife or the large ends of piping tips to create a wavy edge on one side. Use a pizza cutter to cut along the other end to give it a straight edge.

Next, add more texture using the ball tool and black edible sugar pearl sprinkles. Attach the whole thing to the top of your cake with edible glue, holding it with your fingers for a few minutes until it sets.

2. Make Some Horns

Create horns by molding two medium pieces of black fondant into triangles with rounded edges. Then, add texture using your small and medium ball tools. Set aside to firm up a little.

Repeat the same process to make two larger horns. Add them all to the cake using cocktail sticks or uncooked spaghetti to hold them in place.

3. Use Simple Shapes to Make the Eyes

Start by cutting large circles out of green fondant, then trim each side a little at a time until you have an eye-shape as shown. (Make sure to hold ‘em up to the cake to check the sizing, too!) Next, cut two black circles that fit into the greens of Toothless’ eyes. Then two small white circles (we used the base of an Ateco 808 piping tip) and two even smaller white circles. Arrange all of them on top of the green eye part, then use edible glue to attach the pieces to each other and then to the cake.

Once the eyes are attached to the cake, add the lids. (This step is optional: But it adds a cute factor!) Simply roll out black fondant into tapered ropes and attach on the top edge of the eyes with edible glue.

4. Be Nosy

The finishing touch … nostrils! Take two small pieces of black fondant and shape into teardrops. Attach with edible glue, then use the small ball tool to indent and shape them.

Toothless has never looked cuter!

February 08, 2019
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This Dragon Cake Is Every Kid’s Dessert Dream Come True