This No-Drama Llama Cake is Sooo Easy

Call your mama about this llama!!! We CANNOT stop admiring its adorableness. And seriously, you don't need any fancy skills to make it come out great. If you can bake (or buy!) a square cake, you're halfway there.

Llama Cake

Level: Easy

Llama cake

What You Need


  • Two 8x8-inch cakes
  • 3 cans vanilla frosting (or make your own )
  • 1 can chocolate frosting (or make your own )
  • Neon blue, orange, red, black and yellow food coloring
  • 4 pirouette cookies
  • 1 jumbo marshmallow
  • Light pink sanding sugar
  • Candy coated chocolates (we used Sixlets)



1. Cut the Cake

Cut one square vanilla cake about 3 inches from one side. Then cut the 3-inch strip diagonally at the top — from 1 inch to about 3 inches from the edge. This will be the head and neck of your llama.

Then round out the llama’s body by cutting off three of the four corners. This will be super easy if you arrange the cake pieces as they will be assembled, as shown above.

Leave the top right corner intact and place a separated corner piece next to it (it’s the tail!). Then move the other two corner piece to the bottom of the llama where the legs will be.

2. Frost it Together

Coat all the connecting edges with a bit of vanilla frosting and piece the cake together. Then use an offset spatula to coat the entire cake with this frosting. Don’t worry if you can see the cake through the coating — we’re going to be making this llama much more furry.

Once your llama is coated in frosting, lightly mark out where the saddle will go with a toothpick or similar tool. It’s important to do this now so you know where to stop piping the fur.

3. Stick in Some Legs

Gently press four pirouette cookies into the cake, on either side of the bottom triangle pieces.

4. Make it Fuzzy

Fill a piping bag fitted with a ¼-inch star tip with vanilla frosting and milk chocolate frosting, and get piping! Don't worry too much about the mixed frosting colors — they'll blend naturally as you pipe. Start by piping straight around the legs, so the frosting hangs down like fur. For the body, pipe cute little rosettes . Remember to leave a space on the back bare for the saddle!

Finish the fur by piping the tail and neck with straight strokes, just like the legs. Leave the face smooth and white, but give the llama a few rosettes on top of her head for added cuteness.

5. Add the Saddle

Time to grab your food coloring! Prepare some blue, orange, yellow and red frosting, spoon each into a piping bag fitted with a plain round tip, and pipe out a colorful saddle pattern.

6. Pipe the Details

Pick your fave color of frosting you used in the saddle, and replace the round tip with one much more fine. Use this to pipe a bridle and reins.

Use the same fine tip to pipe the llama’s facial features in black frosting — the nostril, smile and eye. Then add a few scribbles of black frosting to the tip of the pirouette cookies for hooves, too.

7. Stick on the Ears

Using food-safe scissors, cut a jumbo marshmallow in half diagonally. Dip the two halves into light pink sanding sugar so the sticky sides are well coated.

Press the corners of the marshmallows into the llama’s head as shown to make ears.

8. Final Details

All that’s left is some flair! Arrange some candy coated chocolates along the reins and saddle to make those details pop.

Now the hardest part remains: cutting into a cake this cute.

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