This Number Cake is Ready to Party

DIY Number Cake

Okay, so maybe this is less of a cake and more of a ginormous sandwich cookie filled with cool whip. But honestly, are you gonna argue with that? This dessert is super simple to make and easy to personalize, and a perf treat for any celebration — not just New Year's.

Level: Easy

DIY Number Cake

What You Need

• Baking sheet
• Rolling pin
• Number templates
• Knife
Piping bag
• Large round piping tip

• Sugar cookie dough
• Cool Whip
• Fresh Fruit
• Meringues
• Mint Leaves
• Nonpareils
• Sprinkles
• Chocolate Curls

Pro Tip

For an extra homemade touch, make your own meringues to top your cake. We promise it’s not as complex as you might think.

Let’s Decorate

1. Roll, Cut and Bake

Mix a batch of sugar cookie dough and flatten it out with a rolling pin. Once the dough is spread, place a number template on top and cut around it with a knife. For each number, you want to cut out two pieces. The cake is going to be sorta like a sandwich cookie: Two pieces with a filling inside.

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. Remove them from the oven and let them cool.

2. Whip it, Whip it Good

Fill a piping bag fitted with a large round tip with Cool Whip. Hold the piping bag vertically above one cookie number and pipe a dollop, as shown.

Keep piping Cool Whip drops around the cookie, until it’s completely covered. Then gently place the second cookie on top of the first.

Pipe the top with more Cool Whip, just as you did before.

3. Pile on the Toppings

Gather your toppings, and don’t be shy. We used 11 different goodies: mint leaves, sprinkles, fresh fruits, meringues and chocolate swirls galore. You might also want to make your own chocolate swirls — all it takes is a peeler and a block of chocolate.

When you're ready, arrange your decorations on top of your cake until you love how it looks.

4. Repeat!

Repeat this process for each number until you have dessert so pretty, you might just want to kiss it at midnight!

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This Number Cake is Ready to Party