Make a Winter White Yarn Wreath With Leftover Scraps

Whether you're in the throes of the holiday season or Christmas has come and gone, there's nothing cuter than a monochromatic DIY to keep the festive spirit alive. Making a wreath out of fuzzy pom-poms adds warmth and texture to your space, making it an ultra cozy place to unwind. Pair different yarns and use up those leftovers from holiday gifts , then say hello to your new favorite piece of decor.

Yarn Wreath

Level: Easy

What You Need

Pro Tip

If you don't have a pom-pom maker, you can easily use a substitute, be it a piece of cardboard or a 4" wide book (which is what we used).


1. Wrap Your Yarn

Hold together a few yarns of different weight and wrap them around your pom-pom maker 50-60 times. We used bulky yarn and worsted weight yarn for this first pom-pom, but if you're using lighter weight yarns you'll want to hold more than two strands together.

2. Remove the Yarn

Cut the yarn, leaving a tail about 8" long.

Carefully slide the yarn off whatever pom-pom maker you're using.

3. Make a Pom-Pom

Tie the yarn tightly around the wrapped yarn.

Use scissors to cut the loops and create the pom-pom's fringe. Shape it by trimming any wild pieces, but make sure to leave the long tails you used for tying intact.

4. Tie to the Frame

Tie the pom-pom onto the wire wreath frame using the long yarn tails. You want it to be tightly tied, but loose enough so you can slide them around and adjust as you add more.

Pro Tip

If you're using a wooden frame, use hot glue to secure your pom-poms.

5. Repeat

Repeat steps 1-4, creating enough pom-poms to fully cover your frame.

6. Hang It Up

When you've made and tied all your pom-poms to your wreath, you're ready to hang it up. We looped ribbon around the wire frame for the hanger, but you can use any method you like best.

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Make a Winter White Yarn Wreath With Leftover Scraps