Your Perfect Project: Embroidery Sampler

Want the complete, step-by-step video tutorial?

Not only is this hoop totally beginner-friendly, it's also the ideal way to learn all the stitches you'll need for future projects. Call it Embroidery 101!

Embroidery Sampler

Level: Easy

What You Need

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1. Get Ready to Stitch

Print out the pattern and use a lightbox or sunny window to trace the design onto your fabric with an erasable marker. Hoop up your fabric, separate the floss and thread your needle. You’re ready to start stitching!

2. Straight Stitches

Here, Kat introduces stitch families. Find out how to use them in the class sampler as she demonstrates five easy stitches that allow you to outline any shape and make lines or expressive marks on your embroidery.
Learn & Practice: Straight & Outline Stitches
Learn & Practice: Straight & Outline Stitches
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Begin with the straight stitches. Follow the pattern guide as you add running stitches, backstitches, split stitches, stem stitches and the decorative (and oh-so-gorgeous) pekinese stitches to your fabric.

3. Spot Stitches

Find out how to add all-over texture and color to your sampler, plus all of your embroidery with simple spot stitches! Then Kat demystifies the French knot, a popular stitch that'll be your new favorite with just a little practice.

Now on to the spot stitches. These simple stitches are super versatile, and the pattern uses them in a ton of ways. Follow your pattern to add star stitches, fern stitches and French knots to your embroidery.

4. Looped Stitches

Curvy looped stitches are so much fun to make! See how to add five of them to your sampler, one by one.

Keep filling in your pattern with chain stitches, detached chain stitches, blanket stitches, feather stitches and fly stitches. These all add texture and artistic shapes to your pattern!

5. Fill Stitches

Complete your sampler by coloring in the shapes with fill stitches, including the seed, satin, long and short stitches. Learn how to use other stitches as fill stitches to expand your possibilities!

Finish off the pattern with fill stitches — seed stitch, satin stitch, and long and short stitch. Now you're done!

Adapted from Startup Library: Hand Embroidery .

May 13, 2019
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Your Perfect Project: Embroidery Sampler