Sure, you can make beautiful clothes and accessories by sewing straight seams. But if you want to tackle scooped necklines or round pillows and clutches, you need to be curvalicious.
Andrea Brown
Let's be honest: knitting from patterns is awesome. There are so many amazing designs out there, that you could knit from patterns for the rest of your life and never get bored. But, equally awesome, is pushing yourself to create your own designs. If this sort of experimentation is your jam, hats are a great place to start.
Ashley Little
Beanie and cloche and beret — oh, my! We've got all the hats for you to crochet. And even the ones the look a little complicated (oh hey there, Fair Isle Hat), use only basic stitches. So you can make all of 'em — promise!
Real talk: If you want that homemade scarf you're sewing to look a little less homemade, you need a rolled hem. A smooth, even-looking rolled hem is where it's at — but how do you get one?
Bow ties might be notoriously tricky to tie, but they're surprisingly easy to make — and wow do they look sharp. Wearing a bow tie is an instant style win. If you're planning to make a few for a wedding party or a gift, or just want to rock one yourself, here's all you need to know to DIY it.
Bring a little extra sparkle to your look with these gem-studded bobby pins. They're so easy, you'll want to make a few for yourself and a bunch for your besties.
Your colorwork design is ready to go! Now learn basic color theory principles that will help you choose the best yarn for your cowl project.
Review Kyle's techniques and tricks for successful stranded knitting on a smaller swatch before beginning the cowl project.
Writing your own cowl pattern is easier than you think. Use Kyle's Cowl Recipe Worksheet to turn your colorwork motif into a finished cowl pattern. Take your time and fill in each section to get a great result.
How do you choose which motif to use? What is the best way to keep inspiring photos and magazine cut-outs organized? In this lesson, Kyle helps you take your first steps toward creating your own cowl design.
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