With all those branches, leaves and bark, painting a robust pine tree can be a fun experience to dive into. Whether you're painting one from your own backyard or painting a Christmas tree to get in the holiday spirit, the whole process is simple to follow and a blast to explore.
Paul Heaston
Gouache is a hybrid of watercolor and acrylic paint, and while it's not as well-known as its fellow water-soluble paints, it's definitely worth experimenting with. After all, painting with gouache can produce incredibly versatile results, depending on how much water you use and the tools you implement.
Sandrine Pelissier
If you typically dabble in watercolor but also happen to love acrylic, don't choose between the two. Instead, opt for painting with gouache. It's the best of both worlds — depending on how much water you use with it, gouache can have a matte-like acrylic effect or look more like an opaque version of watercolor.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Meet Megan and get a quick overview of all the supplies you'll need.
Get your pastel paints out! In this lesson, you'll learn how to mix acrylic paints and create pretty shades and tones that you'll use for your ocean landscape.
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Megan will walk you through how to paint the ocean and waves.
Learn how to create a beautiful abstract sunset over your ocean.
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