Vanessa gives a refresher on working in the round as you stitch up the dirt and planter. Learn how to use a stitch marker to keep track of rounds, count stitches, and create a ridge on the plant pot for easy assembly later.
Create a variety of succulents using simple stitches and clever shaping. Vanessa guides you through a tall cactus, prickly pear, agave leaves and a spiral succulent. She also shares tips on keeping track of your stitches, changing colors and creating texture. Plus, learn how to crochet and attach a simple flower.
Finish up your planters with Vanessa's smart tips, from how to contain poly pellets to knowing how much stuffing to insert. Arrange and secure each plant to complete your succulent garden.
Crochet a cactus garden that’s guaranteed to thrive, even without a green thumb! Vanessa Vargas Wilson, aka the Crafty Gemini, walks you through each of Amy Gaines' succulent designs. Get pro tips on keeping track of your stitches, and adding accents such as embroidered spikes and crochet flowers. Then, learn how to stuff and weight your planters for a stylish, evergreen display.
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
Vanessa Vargas Wilson, The Crafty Gemini
If you want Easter to be the cutest it can be, you've got to make a few amigurumi projects. With yarn, a hook and some stuffing, you can craft your very own stuffed animals to gift in Easter baskets or use for aww-dorable decoration. So start perfecting that magic ring and pick your favorite pattern below!
Kathryn Vercillo
Stuffed animals get even better when you make them yourself. The next time you need a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday, stitch up one of these cuties. And if you have trouble letting go, we get it. Go ahead and just make two.
Hook up a mini saguaro cactus with a beautifully simple design that features two cactus arms. First practice easy increases and decreases to get around the curves. Then stuff, assemble and add a flower to make it yours.
Amy shows you how to crochet a super-simple aloe vera plant. Stitch a back-and-forth pattern to create the leaves. Afterwards, learn to crochet, stack and assemble the leaves to complete your trio of succulents.
Now that you know the basics, have fun personalizing your cactus garden! Amy shares tips for adding spikes and faces, and felting for more fuzzy texture.
Ready for something a little different? See how to crochet an easy barrel cactus-shaped pillow with ridges. Amy guides you to crochet, sew and finish this unique piece of decor.
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