It’s gift-giving season, and for all the fellow makers and artists in your life, that means you need to find the perfect present to keep their creative juices flowing. Whether they use it to actually practice their craft or just enjoy a dose of inspiration, these are the gifts they'd love to unwrap this holiday.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
There are so many different ways to wield your pen and ink brush. One day you might be looking to draw a realistic, detailed still life, while the next you want to go for something a bit more vibrant and loosey-goosey. Regardless of where your instincts take you, there's a pen and ink drawing you'll love making, all while sharpening your skills.
Now that you've finished making the perfect holiday gift for your long-distance loved one, there's only one question: How do you get it to them? Navigating the realm of shipping labels and packaging can feel overwhelming, but with the right know-how you can send your handmade gifts totally hassle-free.
The days are getting shorter and the weather's cooling down, which can only mean one thing — it's time to deck out your home in all. the. fall. decorations. We're talking pumpkins, decorative gourds and pretty much anything yellow and orange. No matter your craft, we can guarantee there's a perfect fall decor project for you.
There's more to painting clouds than loading your brush with white paint and making big blobs in the sky. Remember, there are different types of clouds — throwback to grade school science class! — and each has its own opacity, shape and way to paint it. So whether you want to paint a landscape en plein air or work from a photo, these are the four cloud types to know — and the tricks to keep in mind when making 'em.
Margie Moore
Transform magazine paper into an impressionist collage that looks like a painting! Paper artist Shara Oliman shows you how using her signature methods and techniques. Using each piece of paper as a brushstroke, you'll see how to layer colors and textures to create an abstract masterpiece.
Shara Oliman
Shara Oliman
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