The crochet wattle stitch is a variation on the shell stitch. But in this technique, the shell is created by working 1 sc, ch 1, 1 dc all into the same stitch, and each shell is crocheted into the ch-1 spaces in the row below. The result? A gorgeous, textured pattern you can easily turn into a baby bib. Consider it the perfect project for first-time wattlers.
Kathryn Vercillo
For a long time, I felt nervous whenever I got client inquiries about newborn or baby photography. But after gaining some experience over the years, I realized there's no need to be intimidated. Creative baby photography doesn't require specific props, lights or instructions. It requires heart, soul, patience, time and — most of all — imagination.
Tamara Bowman
We've all been there: you have a baby shower to attend, and need to whip up a handmade gift, stat. Never fear — these adorable baby socks are quick, cute, and the parents-to-be will love them. The best part? They don't take much yarn. In fact, you probably have enough sock yarn leftover from the last pair you knit yourself!
Whether it's your very first quilt project or one of many in the works, making a baby quilt is tough to beat in the fun department. They're small (which equals fast!) and, of course, are irresistibly cute. Get ready for all the oohs and ahhhs you'll hear at the baby shower!
Fact: babies can never have enough booties: And since those little wiggly toes grow so fast, you're going to want to make a bunch. Lucky for you this pattern is super simple and super fast. So simple, in fact, that the pattern stays the same, regardless of which size you're making: just switch up your yarn and hook to whip up different sizes.
Baby hats are a quick and easy knit and make an excellent gift for a new little person in your life (or a donation to your local NICU). And don’t get us started on the cuteness factor, which is Off. The. Hook.
Ashley Martineau
Bring in awesome decor for your party that doesn't require nails or tape. A beautiful and transportable balloon arch won’t get you in trouble with your venue but will be a hit with your guests.
Go inside a Mad Hatter-inspired baby shower in a whimsical tea room! JJR and Kristen craft restaurant-friendly decor, place settings and finger foods that pull the theme together.
It's a boy! It's a girl! It's a cake pop! Gender-reveal baby showers are about to get even more fun. The white candy coating on these retro-style cake pops keeps the big secret until everyone's ready to take a bite.
Felicity and Krystle
The smash cake. This may very well be your baby's first real taste of sugary sweetness and your first go at kid-party planning. Heck, it might even be your first venture into cake decorating. Wherever you stand, welcome to the sweet side where we always have cake. Lots and lots of cake.
Erin Gardner
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