There’s nothing better than pulling a pan of warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the… grill. Yes, you can use your grill just like you use your oven, which is pretty handy if you’re going through a kitchen renovation, an unbearable hot spell or just want to impress at your next backyard barbeque.
Kristin Bellini
The best appetizers are finger foods that don't require any plates or utensils. But unfortunately even we get sick of crackers/cheese and chips/dip. Good news, party people: Most every food can be turned into finger food with the help of an easy-to-make pastry called a vol-au-vent.
Nicole Weston
Crusty French bread. Sandwich loaves. Ciabatta. Pretzels (hey, they count!). Homemade bread is truly an art form, but it's a tricky one. That's 'cause the same freshness that makes artisan bread a standout also happens to be its downfall. Without preservatives, it seems to go stale almost instantly. But with proper storage, you'll be able to carbo-load for longer and — real talk — isn't that what we're all after?
Jessie Oleson Moore
No doubt about it, cake pops are fun. But while these bite-sized cakes on a stick can be a blast to eat, making them can turn into a not-so-fun affair, especially when those super-sweet morsels fall off the stick, crack, leak or are just plain lumpy.
Wendy McGowan
Saying that you need flour for bread is a little like saying you need water for rain. Isn't it a given that bread needs flour?
Pure, gooey, buttery bliss: That's the best way to describe Philadelphia butter cake. It starts with a rich, buttery yeast dough, then gets topped with a buttercream mixture thickened with flour and egg. It's baked to gooey perfection, sliced into bars, then devoured.
Game on! In this week's episode of Bravo's Project Runway, the designers created their own video game characters — complete with an imaginary world and mission — before designing a look to match. We came away totally inspired to be our own mission masters with these fun projects. So that's exactly what we're gonna do.
Did you know a basic Swiss meringue buttercream recipe is actually a bowl filled with endless (creamy) possibilities? It's true! Here's all you need to know to transform your favorite frosting into... eight favorite frostings!
We've never met a doughnut we didn't like. But these delicious babies are baked, gluten-free, AND get their pink color from beets. That makes them basically health food, right?!
We'll rarely say "no" to a decadent swirl of cream cheese frosting, but sometimes you’re looking for something a little lighter. (And not to mention easier to make than a layer cake.)
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