With its bright color and tart taste, rhubarb is a must-grow veggie for your spring garden. While you may not want to munch on the raw stalks — they're fairly sour — rhubarb becomes sweeter (and recipe-ready) when cooked. And because it's so versatile, you can incorporate it into a variety of dishes to satisfy your exact craving.
Ashley Rodriguez
Join James Beard Award-winning chef Jennifer Jasinski inside the kitchen of her Denver restaurant, Rioja. Learn to make easy ricotta gnocchi from scratch with fresh spinach, pine nuts and parmesan cheese.
James Beard Award-winner Chef Alex Seidel of Fruition in Denver teaches you to make restaurant quality cavatelli and carbonara sauce at home. With bacon, peas, and parmesan, carbonara is a bright and eye-catching sauce that comes together quickly and is a definite family-pleaser.
James Beard Award winner Alon Shaya of Denver's Safta and Saba in New Orleans shares his mouth-watering recipe for whole roasted cauliflower. Boil the cauliflower before roasting it for a tender inside and perfectly browned outside with rich flavor. Pair with a tangy cheese dip to finish it off.
Pancakes are so simple but so delicious, perfect as a meal or as an at-home snack. Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly in Boulder, Colorado, shows his favorite way to make pancakes two ways, sweet and savory. Use up all kinds of odds and ends from your fridge and get creative on your flavor combinations!
Frico Caldo is an Italian cheese-based dish made with potatoes and onions. Chef Eduardo Valle Lobo of Boulder's award-winning Frasca Food and Wine shows you how to prepare this melt-in-your-mouth explosion of flavors. Bring it all together on the stovetop and top with a bright parsley vinaigrette.
Get creative with Top Chef finalist Brian Malarkey, owner of Herb & Wood in San Diego. Learn how to make homemade spring rolls with rice paper, fresh greens and lots of umami. They come together with ease for a beautifully delicious meal or snack.
Nothing says comfort food like cheesy bread. Just ask James Beard Award nominee and Top Chef finalist Carrie Baird, owner of Rose's Classic Americana in Boulder, Colorado. She takes her recipe to new heights with caramelized onions and garlic. Slow cook the onions with herbs to build a delicious depth of flavor. It's all the goodness of French onion soup… but on bread!
Restaurants are being hard hit with the current shelter-in-place restrictions. To help, we've partnered with OpenTable to bring you FREE cooking tutorials from top local chefs. Join these award-winning culinary experts as they share their most-loved recipes, from comfort favorites like cheesy bread to a show-stopping whole roasted cauliflower. You'll learn their secrets to serving up restaurant-quality meals in your own kitchen. Support your favorite restaurants by buying takeout and gift cards, or donate through and the James Beard Relief Fund:
Next time you're craving a good ole s'more, ditch the graham crackers and use freshly-baked snickerdoodle cookies instead. Not only do they provide an extra burst of flavor, but they serve as a sturdy base for an ooey-gooey treat the whole fam can love.
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