Beer might not be an ingredient that you expect to bake with but, hey, it's St. Patrick's Day! And the rich taste of Guinness actually pairs really nicely with the chocolate in these cupcakes. Finish 'em off with a swirl of icing and some festive decorations, and it's most definitely your lucky day.
Decorating cakes is an art, but baking cakes is a little more science-y. Get it wrong and you might end up with a cake that's dry, wet, tough, crumbly or flawed in some other deeply tragic way.
Jessie Oleson Moore
If you ever saw the French movie Amélie, you probably fell a little in love with baking crème brûlée and the magical sound of a spoon cracking the crisp, caramelized top and sinking into the vanilla-scented custard below.
Jessie Oleson Moore
If you've got serious #cakegoals, it's time to make friends with piping gel. What is piping gel? Most people know it as thickened corn syrup. In fact, it's exactly the same thing. And it's one of the best things to ever happen to a cake.
Erin Gardner
To celebrate a delicious two years of Man About Cake (can you believe it?!), we took a little walk down memory lane. Check out all the memories, bloopers and never-before-seen footage.
You've been asking (and asking and asking), and it's FINALLY here: FRANK THE TANK! And this is no ordinary cake, it's BRANDON's GROOM'S CAKE! In the next episode we'll be making Brandon's wedding cake, and we may or may not be revealing one of the guys' faces!
JJR makes the MOST DECADENT hazelnut-banana-chocolate cake for his coworkers this week to celebrate the BIG launch of Bluprint, a creative destination for makers, seekers and doers. Formerly known as Craftsy Unlimited, Bluprint is where you can find instruction from world-class creative experts (including Joshua John Russell!), guidance at all skill levels and learning that fits your schedule, whether you have two minutes or two hours!
Joshua is a HUGE Florence + The Machine fan, and before he heads to her concert later this month, he's whipping up a sweet hand-lettered homage celebrating her new album, High as Hope. To get some help with the hand-lettering, he's consulting with his pal Adam Vicarel, a Denver-based designer who teaches the online class "Hand-Lettering for Beginners," available exclusively on Bluprint.
This isn't just any wedding cake. .. it's Brandon's! See JJR create gum paste aspen leaves and carve tree bark texture in fondant for Brandon's Colorado wedding.
National Pepperoni Pizza Day is Sept. 20th, and JJR has accepted a challenge from his cake bestie Ashley Holt of Sugar Monster Sweets to create a cake to celebrate. Watch the Cake Slayer whip up a pepperoni pizza wedding cake complete with a pizza slice bride and groom that are (almost) too cute to eat.
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