Your instructor, Tammy, is joined by student Hannah. Together they will go over the tools and supplies you'll need.
Follow along as Tammy teaches Hannah the basics of warping a loom.
Tammy teaches how to add beads to your warped loom.
Tammy gives tips and demonstrates how to add more thread to your project.
Follow along as Tammy explains how to weave in your weft threads.
Watch as Tammy explains loom pattern reading, tips and tricks.
Tammy gives a tour of many of the most popular finishing options.
Learn with Hannah as Tammy shows how easy it is to remove your project from your working loom.
Learn with Hannah as Tammy explores other looms on the market.
In this class from our partners at Peak Media, see what all the jazz is about with bead looming. Jewelry expert Tammy Honaman will teach you how to weave beads on a loom, discover the benefits of five different looms available on the market and apply different finishing techniques for unique jewelry.
Tammy Honaman
Tammy Honaman
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