This dip-dye wall hanging is going to make your DIY decor dreams comes true — seriously! We're talking no hassles, and alllll the tassels. And if you can make a knot (or two), you've basically got all the skills you need.
Denise Wild, host of "Holiday Makeover," shows us how to create a masterpiece out of string art.
Gemma Bonham-Carter makes a wooden growth chart to keep track of her growing child.
Rhya Tamašauskas from "The Monster Factory" shows us how to make an origami mobile out of a piece of driftwood.
Ariel Garneau from "PMQ for Two" makes a very beautiful decorative plate using only a pen.
Kristiann Boos from "Victory Patterns" shows you how to create a beautiful set of dinner napkins.
Melissa DiRenzo from "The Sweet Escape" shows you how to make a simple, tie-dye table runner to spice up your next dinner party.
Kristiann Boos from "Victory Patterns" makes a beautiful leaf soap dish.
Jeanine Amapola shows how to use twine and paint to fashion your own custom candle holders.
Lynzie Kent, host of "Post My Party," makes funky house numbers so your friends can find you!
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