Using the right (or wrong) type of paper can truly make or break your painting, and there's no better feeling than finding the perfect one for your project. If you're just getting started in the realm of watercolor — or you've just never tried different varieties — there are a few things to consider before picking up your paint brush.
Antonella Avogadro
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., learn how to create a design that has a vintage sign vibe.
Annica Lydenberg
Annica Lydenberg
Annica shows you how to find inspiration from signage you see everyday.
Learn how to lay out your design using the basic principles of composition.
Annica shows you how to sketch out your sign design using sans serif and script letters.
Learn how to scale a smaller sketch to the size you want. Annica will also show you how to add embellishments.
Transfer your final layout onto a wooden signboard for your final project, and learn Annica's tips and tricks for creating all kinds of vintage signs.
Meet Annica and go over the basic supplies you'll need.
Apply the skills you've learned to your final projects: three styles of table tents to use at your next event. Ashley will also share insider tips, tricks and inspiration.
Meet Ashley and go over the supplies you'll need.
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