Congrats! You've just quilted a quilt. You're probably already dreaming about your next one. Only thing is, you still need to bind that beauty!
Christa Watson
Choosing the right type of binding to finish a quilt or other sewing project can literally put you in a bind. Should you go with straight or bias cut? Single- or double-folded? Pre-cut or DIY? And then there are all the different combos of the above!
Sherri Sylvester
Truth: If you quilt, you need math. Calculating yardages for borders, backs and bindings is part of the craft, whether you're making the best use of the fabric you have or deciding how much to buy.
Sherri McConnell
If you're ready to give quilting a go, but aren't quite ready to dive into an entire quilt, it's time to meet the quilted placemat. It's the perfect project for practicing new skills, is totally manageable for newbies and, well, it's deliciously stylish.
Lindsay Conner
Take the guesswork out of finishing your quilts with practical tools and techniques.
Kelly Ashton
Kelly Ashton
Join Craftsy expert Maria Capp to take your quilt tops from folded to finished in a flash!
Maria Capp
Maria Capp
Give your quilts the flawless finish they deserve! Confidently complete any project with beautiful binding and perfect piping. It's easier than you think.
Susan  Cleveland
Susan Cleveland
Finish your quilts in satisfying style with beautiful edgings: simple, piped, scalloped, prairie point, ruffled and more!
Mimi Dietrich
Mimi Dietrich
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