JJR shows us there's no shame in store-bought with his genius box cake mix hack that makes this multicolored layer cake taste (almost!) as good as homemade. He also shares his secret for how to improve store-bought frosting, and a beginner-friendly cake decorating tutorial to try.
JJR shows us how to make cookie dough that's safe to eat; no baking required! Then, what's better than an ice cream cone for dessert? How about a chocolate-dipped cookie-dough cone!
WE'RE BAAAACK! AND we're going back to the basics! In this brand new Man About Cake episode, host Joshua John Russell shares a cake decorating for beginners tutorial, with detailed instructions on how to fill, ice and crumb coat a cake. Then, he finishes it with simple decorations YOU can make at home!
Gift giving for kids can be tough — especially when you want your present to stand out amongst the crowd! With these DIYs, you'll do just that.
It's easy to make your sewing friends happy around the holidays, their birthdays, Mother's Day — all you have to do is fill their arms with sewing gifts! Whether you're giving a fabric that totally made you think of them, notions that need to be replaced or kits that let them tackle a new project, you're guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Happy shopping!
Capture the Fastest Man Alive with a series of portraits inspired by his super speed: two bold black-and-white square cookies, and a flooded character design that jumps off the cookie. Stephanie also shows you how to display them all to decorate a cake.
Finish off your super hero set with the King of the Seven Seas. Start with a beginner-friendly circle logo cookie. Then switch gears with chocolate-covered sandwich cookies dressed with Aquaman's belt buckle. And last but not least, craft a detailed character cookie made with royal icing transfers.
Do Wonder Woman justice by creating a heroic cookie set! First, learn how to pipe and flood simple logo cookies. After that, watch as Stephanie makes tiara cookies on a stick (that also double as stylish party accessories) and a show-stopping pop art character design.
Long live the bat! Stephanie pays homage to the Dark Knight by depicting him in icing three different ways. Then she puts it all together for an eye-catching cookie display.
No comic cookie collection is complete without the Man of Steel. Stephanie shows you how to make filler cookies with the iconic Superman shield, Clark Kent-inspired cookies that hide a sweet surprise, and a spectacular flying Superman design to top it all off.
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