Here’s the truth: The rainbow trend is 100% here to stay. And we’re not mad about it, especially if it means we’ll have a chance to make every last one of these beauties.
Maybe you never imagined that anyone could possibly sculpt a cake that could look like a realistic Grumpy Cat, the international feline superstar. But master cake decorator Kara Andretta has done it!
Kara Andretta
It only happens once a year, so you gotta make it count! These incredible cakes are what birthday wishes are made of.
Forget the pressure of decorating a last-minute cake. Instead, play it cool by making a crisp white cake and helping your kids doodle some fun illustrations and heartfelt messages across it!
Felicity and Krystle
Shooting events can be glamorous work. You're out there, mingling with people who are (hopefully!) having fun, your mission to capture the drama, color and buzz with your camera.
Laurence Norah
You'll go back to this basic buttercream by Joshua John Russell again and again, whether you keep it classic or change it up with new flavors. Oreos and mint are just the beginning!
No fancy fondant skills or cupboard full of cake decorating tools required for this narwhal magic! That cute whale shape? Yup, it's your favorite snack cake hiding under there.
HAAAPPY BIIIRTHDAAAY TO... well, it doesn't matter. It doesn't even have to be anyone's birthday. Don't let little things like details stop you from making this perfect birthday cake recipe because it's, well, perfect.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Nothing gets your kid’s birthday party started more than an awesome theme — and, of course, all the creative DIYs that go along with it. These five super-fun trends are cause for celebration.
Alexis Methven
Master brush-lettering basics to create handmade cards for any occasion.
Krislam Chin
Krislam Chin
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