Forget deviled eggs — Easter is the time to really flex your cake skills. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to piping buttercream and modeling fondant, the perfect confection is waiting for your dessert table. The Easter bunny is gonna be proud!
Jessie Oleson Moore
Joshua John Russell, award-winning cake designer and star of our Man About Cake (MAC) series, creates five cakes inspired by his most popular designs. These smaller scale, beginner-friendly cakes are just as impressive as the originals, and achievable for any home baker.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
JJR’s Gothic Cake looks magnificent in crimson and gold. Work with royal icing and practice your piping skills. Then learn to color royal icing in shimmering gold.
Release a Choctopus of your own! With eight tentacles, it's more modestly sized to fit in your kitchen. You'll need lots of modeling chocolate, but no copper piping (and no glue gun… remember the glue gun?).
Finish up with a mashup of the Crying Onion and Mini Monster Cake! Sculpt and decorate a monster of your own with fur-like buttercream and fondant limbs and horns.
Get started with an approachable version of JJR's Agate Geode Cake. Learn how to cut the geode, properly cover it and add finishing details, including gold, of course!
Learn how to make a smaller (but still awesome) version of James' Succulent Wedding Cake. Gold accents, gum paste succulents and eye-catching colors make this cake shine brighter than the rest.
Good news: All your rainbow dreams are about to come true with this colorful, tasty cake. Even better news: It's way easier to make than it looks, and no carving tools are needed. Consider it the perfect centerpiece for a birthday bash, baby shower or St. Patrick's Day party.
Erin Gardner
No fancy fondant skills or cupboards full of cake decorating tools are required for this narwhal. And that cute whale shape? It's your favorite snack cake hiding under there. Let's make some cake magic!
Don't let your cakes fall flat — bring the texture and wow party guests with your impressive piping skills. Best part: they'll never know each of these designs is totally beginner-friendly!
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