Did you know a basic Swiss meringue buttercream recipe is actually a bowl filled with endless (creamy) possibilities? It's true! Here's all you need to know to transform your favorite frosting into... eight favorite frostings!
One thing's for sure: You've never seen a Mother's Day cake like this! But when you’ve got a cool mom (and really, who doesn't?), she deserves an equally cool cake. Bring on the fiery drip details and vintage tattoo-inspired topper. This Mother's Day rocks.
It’s beginning to look a lot like ... Easter! And by that we mean cute, fluffy bunnies are everywhere. This rabbit cake’s magic is all in the piping: You’ll use a multi-opening tip (aka grass tip) to get the fuzzy fur look. Just add fondant details, and this bunny's in business.
If you've decorated a cake before, chances are you know at least one of the big three buttercreams: American, Swiss meringue and Italian meringue. But you might not know the differences between these types, or that there are SO many more you can try.
Just when we thought buttercream couldn't get better, Joshua John Russell adds peppermint AND chocolate cookies. This recipe is a total game-changer, and if you can crush a cookie, you can make it.
POW! There's a future cake slayer out there who's turning 4, and JJR is making a superhero cake for the party. Watch as he builds a superhero caricature with modeling chocolate and decorates the tiers with fun comic book graphics.
The Man About Cake Halloween shenanigans continue! What's the best part about this festive Halloween-colored rainbow cake? The guilty little monster who ate it! Watch as JJR crafts a bloated monster using modeling chocolate and powdered food coloring. It's a special Halloween twist on the fat unicorn cake trend.
Man About Cake's EPIC Halloween miniseries ends with a creepy chocolate zombie busting out of its grave ... actually more like a delicious chocolate cake mound! Watch as Joshua "THOR" Russell starts with the guts and then uses modeling chocolate and edible colors to craft the creepiest zombie you've ever seen.
This week, JJR's making a beautiful (and blooming!) wedding cake. Watch as he makes a wood grain cake that's decorated with edible wafer paper flowers. This DIY wedding reception was so special, even the cake was in tiers!
This whimsical emerald cake is the perfect addition to a Mad Hatter-themed baby shower! JJR crafts a magical Mad Hatter cake decorated with stripes and diamonds and finished with a beautiful golden baby rattle.
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