By Hand
Your kitchen table is absolutely covered (no room for even a coffee cup) with photos, ticket stubs, stickers, papers and other lovely bits and pieces that you'd like to arrange in a scrapbook.
Kerry Buckley
If you're into vintage style, chances are you have a jar or two of pretty old buttons. At least a few of those buttons may be carved mother of pearl — they are so pretty and so, so popular. Now, with just a little wire and a few jewelry-making tools, you can transform those buttons into wire-wrapped pendants.
Cindy Wimmer
Take a deep breath before you start shopping for your first set of circular knitting needles. Inhale deeply and breathe out slowly — yup, just like that. You'll need a calm, focused mind as you tackle what sounds like a basic task, but turns out to be a wee bit more involved.
Sarah Johnson
We've all been there. You're quilting very happily ... until you suddenly discover you're out of border fabric. Or your seams are so wavy they become unintentional improv piecing. Or after you carefully measure again and again, somehow your blocks are all different sizes.
Lindsay Conner
If you feel even the slightest temptation to try lace knitting, give in to it. Knit lace is a classy fabric to work with, and even the simplest stitch patterns look intricate and impressive.
Lisa Gutierrez
Jewelry trends come and go, but the spoon ring is forever. In fact, this style of ring is thought to date back to the 1600s, when making jewelry out of cutlery was apparently a thing.
Kate Wilkonson
We get it: To a beginner, maneuvering a needle up and down through all the layers of a quilt sandwich sounds kinda hard. But the truth is that hand quilting isn't nearly as challenging as you might think. In fact, all you need to know are a few simple stitching techniques. Nail 'em and you'll be turning out heirloom-quality quilts in no time.
Lindsay Conner
Scissors are so humble and hard-working, sometimes it's easy to forget they're in your sewing kit. But here's a secret: They have superpowers. The right pair can take your sewing to new levels of awesomeness.
Linda Reynolds
Embroidery + paper = one of the coolest cards we've seen. Seriously, look how beautiful this is! And it's actually pretty simple to make, even if you haven't tried embroidery before.
While we'd never want to go back to a world without sewing machines, we have to admit that some sewing tasks are best accomplished with a good ole needle and thread.
Christine Haynes
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