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Beer might not be an ingredient that you expect to bake with but, hey, it's St. Patrick's Day! And the rich taste of Guinness actually pairs really nicely with the chocolate in these cupcakes. Finish 'em off with a swirl of icing and some festive decorations, and it's most definitely your lucky day.
If you're on the fence about whether or not to add sugar flowers to your cake, do it. They make a plain cake pretty, and a pretty cake spectacular.
When you're decorating a cake with the works — we're talking gum paste, edible sequins, sugar flowers, appliqués — you need something to make all those ornaments come together. You need something with magical powers. You need ... edible glue.
Erin Gardner
You've gawked at all those insanely gorgeous cakes on Pinterest with their wild wafer-paper flowers and collages. And you're wondering, what exactly is wafer paper — and how do I get it into my life, stat?
Jessie Oleson Moore
Call your mama about this llama!!! We CANNOT stop admiring its adorableness. And seriously, you don't need any fancy skills to make it come out great. If you can bake (or buy!) a square cake, you're halfway there.
If you've got serious #cakegoals, it's time to make friends with piping gel. What is piping gel? Most people know it as thickened corn syrup. In fact, it's exactly the same thing. And it's one of the best things to ever happen to a cake.
Erin Gardner
Before those wedding bells ring, you’ve got to shower the bride! And every celebration of love needs a few extra-special touches… like these cookies.
Oh wedding cake, we will never stop loving you! But whether we’re talking about the fillings and frostings or gorgeous decorations, this spring’s trends are going to make it mighty hard to say “I Do” to just one.
Felicity and Krystle
To celebrate a delicious two years of Man About Cake (can you believe it?!), we took a little walk down memory lane. Check out all the memories, bloopers and never-before-seen footage.
You've been asking (and asking and asking), and it's FINALLY here: FRANK THE TANK! And this is no ordinary cake, it's BRANDON's GROOM'S CAKE! In the next episode we'll be making Brandon's wedding cake, and we may or may not be revealing one of the guys' faces!
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