Cake Decorating
Whether it's the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or just a hunting or summer camp-themed party, camouflage fondant makes your desserts look incredibly cool. The best part? It's so easy, your little cake decorators can get in on the fun.
Felicity and Krystle
Tie-dye is back in a big way, whether you're creating fun patterns on a scarf or baking a batch of cupcakes. Get in on the trend with this radical cake design that's surprisingly easy to pull off.
Erin Gardner
Getting your hands dirty — and fully coated in sugar and flour — is the best way to get better at cake decorating. But there are some lessons you really don’t need to learn the hard way. Professional decorators spilled the secrets they wish they’d known from the get-go — steal 'em and you'll start making cakes like a total pro in no time.
Kristin Doherty
Professionally-made cookies always seem to look smooth, seamless and gorgeous. But there's no magic involved, and you can totally make equally flawless cookies in your own kitchen. All you need are a few basic tips to help you perfect basic cookie decorating techniques and you'll be well on your way.
Bakers, put down your piping bags! There are ways to decorate with royal icing that don't require you to break out the piping tips, and they still result in a totally gorgeous sugar cookie. Whether you dip, spread, brush, splatter or drizzle, these techniques are all fun ways to achieve a batch of totally stunning treats.
Erin Gardner
The cake decorating world is full of fancy piping tips, clever cutters and specialty tools you can use to create amazing effects. But that doesn't mean you have to buy out the store to get started. Start with these basic cake decorating tools that can help you nail a flawless fondant or buttercream surface. Once you've mastered using them, the rest is just... icing.
Wendy McGowan
Turn your generic cake into just the right dessert for any special occasion.
Go for drama by adding even more layers to your cake.
Meet Ashley and learn more about the class.
A good cake needs yummy frosting. Here's how to make it.
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