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Hearty, subtly spicy and topped with cream cheese frosting: there is so much to love about carrot cake. And while it's an Easter staple, you definitely don't need to save it for the holiday — especially when it's this easy to bake.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Sink your teeth into current cake decorating trends! In the Man About Cake series, originally on YouTube, Joshua John Russell partners with Bluprint to deliver incredible tips for creating modern edible masterpieces. Each week, he decorates an original cake, shares his favorite recipes and gives pointers for designing like a pro.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
There’s very little in life that’s better than a big slice of delicious, moist cake! But for some folks, gluten can put a big ol’ damper on that joyful experience. Enter: Our expert-tested, all-time favorite gluten-free cake recipes. Yum!
JJR shows you how to make his famous red velvet cake recipe, and then uses it to make red velvet donuts!
JJR shows you how to make his famous chocolate cake recipe, which happens to be vegan! Then he uses it to make adorable mini Bundt cakes, and shares decorating ideas you can try at home.
WARNING: This episode contains LOTS of footage of drippy, gooey caramel. Watch at your own risk! You'll learn how to make the MOST delicious homemade caramel, and then turn it into dreamy creamy caramel buttercream.
Joshua whips up his famous vanilla cake recipe, which happens to be vegan!
Joshua John Russell shows you how to make his famous Swiss meringue buttercream recipe, then customizes it five ways. Plus, he shares four creative cupcake decorating ideas to try!
Joshua John Russell & the Man About Cake gang are back for a brand new miniseries: Man About BAKE! JJR will teach you how to make his most popular recipes.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
The perfect dessert to pair with your pumpkin spice latte (or to enjoy even after PSL season)? Anything frosted with pumpkin buttercream, via Man About Cake' s very own Joshua John Russell. Let's get baking.
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