Cake Pops
So you've decided to launch your own cake business. (Woo-hoo!!!) Time to think about budgets, a website, real estate, marketing, product photography and .... a name. You gotta have a great name! The guidelines here will help you figure out an excellent one.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Transform that yummy chocolate cake into an entirely new, minty treat in just two steps (yeah, you heard that right). Joshua John Russell of Man About Cake is back with a cake pop recipe that's literally changing lives. So what are you waiting for? Let's mix it up and make some pops!
Hello, shimmery bliss! Adding drama to your cakes and cookies is easy if you know how to add metallic tones to royal icing. The magic trick: luster dust.
Erin Gardner
Confession time: We LIVE for Pokémon Go. Next time you go hunting for shiny Pokémon, make sure you stash PokéBalls in your bag. These delicious cake pops will make you be the very best (wink wink) in no time.
Kris Galicia Brown
Marbled fondant is a huge cake-decorating trend (Watch how it's done in Man About Cake!) — and now, it's coming to your cake pops. The techniques in these pops are super fun to try and an easy way to make colorful cake pops that are marbled inside and out.
Kris Galicia Brown
Joshua John Russell loves cake so much he doesn't like to waste even the crumbs. But instead of turning leftover slices into cake pops, he makes a genius move and uses them for ice cream sandwiches!
We can think of approximately zero reasons not to love cake pops. When you're holding one in your hand, your day is looking pretty good — and if you were having a bad day a minute ago, you aren't anymore. Because, cake pops!
Wendy McGowan
Whether you're feeling that crisp bite in the air or not, it's always apple-picking season, thanks to these adorable pops.
Kris Galicia Brown
Cake pops should definitely be pure enjoyment. But in reality, making the little guys can go from fun to frustrating FAST. So learn from my mistakes and spare yourself some pain.
Kris Galicia Brown
Don't get us wrong, we love a good knitting project. But we might love cake more.
Kris Galicia Brown
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