Yes, it is possible to make Pop Rocks, the famously fizzy candy, right in your own kitchen. No, you don't need any special equipment or a science degree (though you can wear a lab coat if you'd like). This at-home version of the classic candy attains its magical fizz through a combination of citric acid and baking soda. 
Jessie Oleson Moore
Candy melts: Oh, how we love and fear you. Yes, you can help us create spectacularly colorful desserts. But you can also leave us feeling totally frustrated and angry at the world.
Wendy McGowan
Your chocolate-chip cookies totally slay, and your lemon tart deserves a lifetime achievement award. You're on the way to baking greatness, but to be a real master, you need to amp up your skill set. But how?
Jessie Oleson Moore
Jami begins by explaining why real ingredients make the BEST candy. Then she shows you how to build three base recipes that you'll use to make candy later in class: rosé syrup, roasted strawberry and lemon purée, and popcorn-infused cream.
Jami covers hard candy essentials, focusing on the key ingredients: sugar and glucose. Understand the role that temperature plays as you learn to create hard candy lollipops that look like stained glass as well as Bellini-inspired sparkling candies.
In this lesson, Jami teaches you how to make rosé gumdrops with buoyant, airy texture. She also shares the simple steps to bloom and melt gelatin for successful results every time.
Wrap things up by learning to use your mixer to make light and fluffy marshmallows with a creamy vanilla bean flavor. Your s’mores and crispy rice treats will never be the same!
Then, put some unique flavor twists on classic caramel. Jami shows you how to combine two perfectly balanced flavors: salty popcorn and caramelized sugar, to craft smooth, creamy caramels that are sure to impress.
Jami shares the step-by-step process for making Dreams Come Chew, the chewy fruity candy that came to her in a dream. After that, discover a few ingenious shaping techniques to create colorful candy ropes and chewy-centered lollipops.
Ready to make your sweetest dreams come true? Master the basics of handcrafted candy alongside our candy wizard, Jami Curl. She’ll show you how to work with sugar and real, fresh ingredients to make more than 15 of her favorite recipes, including rosé gumdrops, popcorn caramels, jewel-like lollipops and more.
Jami Curl
Jami Curl
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