Finally, learn how to trim, score and fold your card. Eunice will also share her insider tips and inspiration to help you continue your letterpress adventures.
Learn more about your instructor, Eunice, and go over the supplies you'll need.
Before you begin, Eunice will give you a background on how to use a tabletop letterpress.
Learn how to place the plates and paper on the letterpress platform.
Eunice will teach you how to mix ink, prepare the roller and press your design.
Learn how to add an additional layer and color to your design.
In this class from our partners at Brit & Co., learn how to print gorgeous greeting cards using a modern tabletop letterpress.
Eunice Moyle
Eunice Moyle
Use all the tips and techniques you've learned in this class to complete your final project. Go lefty!
Jazz up your hand-lettering with a new style. In this lesson, Lauren will show you how to write five new styles with your left hand.
Now that you have new styles to work with, let's talk letter forms. Lauren will go over how to write out the alphabet using various supplies.
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