When you think of die cutting, you probably think of paper. But there are so many kinds of paper you can die cut, transforming them into shapes that make up the coolest projects. lf you're ready to go beyond the basic card stock (though that should definitely be used, too!), here are a few ideas to get you started.
Julia Stainton
There's so much you can do with distressed ink, but we love it best for crafting easy, arty backgrounds for cards and other paper crafts. Use these techniques as a starting point, and you might love the results so much you let the background stand alone. Or get fancy and layer on your favorite embellishments — it's up to you!
You've probably seen these fancy cards in stores — the ones with a little clear window full of sequins, beads or glitter bits that dance around when you give the card a shake. If you've ever wondered "could I make that myself?" the answer is most definitely yes! It's actually really easy.
Need a card, like, now? Been there. But here's the good news: we've got all the inspo for quick cards that still look cute. You can make these cards in under 30 minutes, with supplies you probably already have around the house (or buried in your craft room). Score!
Kimberly Stoney
Beautiful, bright-edged paper has been popping up everywhere from stationery shops to designer wedding invitations. But it's also beyond simple to make at home (and is a surefire way to get all those abandoned plain cards out of the drawer and into the mail). Bonus: this project's so easy you can do it with the kids!
French artist Henri Matisse once described paper collage as "painting with scissors." Sounds fun, right? If you're new to paper crafting or curious about artistic collage, experimenting with these six techniques is a great place to start.
Sara Barnes
Making your own stationary is THE BEST way to share your creativity with all your favorite peeps. And while you certainly can dive into the world of card making with nothing more than a pair of scissors, some construction paper and a bottle of white school glue, having a few more specialized tools and materials on hand will make the whole process a whole lot more fun.
Amy Robison
Once you get hooked on card making, you'll soon realize that simple paper-and-glue designs are really just the beginning. A dimensional, mixed-media approach takes cards to the next level, making your missive a true work of art.
Julia Stainton
Your extraordinary mom deserves a card that's equally original. This year, make Mother's Day POP with a 3D card you create yourself. (BTW, it's a lot easier to make than it looks.)
Paper crafts are always a blast to do, but heat embossing adds a magic touch. This technique lets you add textured elements to your card stock or paper, using stamps, ink and special powders. (It's all about the melt!) You won't need too many supplies to get started, and the results are gorgeous. Get ready to see just what you can do.
Kristen Magee
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