Julie Chrisley and southern chef Virginia Willis cook mac ‘n’ cheese with a healthy twist that tastes just as sinful as the original.
With just three simple ingredients, the grilled cheese sandwich is a symphony of flavor and texture! Chef Milo shares his secrets to master this seemingly simple trio of bread, cheese and butter. He also brings out the biggest piece of cheese you've ever seen!
Ever wonder what's the difference between free-range and pasture-raised eggs, or which yogurt is the "healthiest"? Let Amanda guide you through the vast array of ingredients in the dairy department. She'll decode the differences among all those new nut milks popping up on shelves, and chat with the cheese expert to help you learn how to build a better cheese platter. She'll finish the lesson by baking easy muffin-tin frittatas that make a terrific (and portable) option for breakfast or lunch.
A massive ball of cheese on the table makes a statement: Welcome to our party! Cheese balls are fun, tasty, lovably retro and easy to make in advance. So go ahead and choose your own cheese-ball adventure. Just don't forget the crackers.
Jessie Oleson Moore
When I need to feed a crowd, this cheesy garlic pull-apart bread is always my go-to. It’s inexpensive and fast to make, but — more importantly — it bakes beautifully and is completely irresistible. 
Kris Galicia Brown
This chocolate carrot cake is extremely delicious — but it would be even better covered in browned butter cream cheese frosting. Joshua John Russell has outdone himself. You just need to plan ahead, because the browned butter needs to firm overnight.
Move over, pie. This pumpkin cheesecake from Holiday Cooking is making waves. With candied hazelnuts and a maple swirl, it's definitely our new favorite way to pumpkin.
Gail Simmons
We hope you've saved some room for dessert, because in this lesson Gail and Dylan tackle their go-to fall faves: spiced apple tarte tatin and a pumpkin cheesecake with candied hazelnuts that will have the whole table coming back for seconds.
If you've put cheese and crackers in the "boring" box, we invite you to think again. A big, bold, flavorful display is the smartest shortcut to major wow-factor when the guests walk in.
Butter. Cream cheese. Sugar. Need we say more? Here's how to make Joshua John Russell's favorite cream cheese buttercream — the ultimate frosting for red velvet cake.
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